Pasteles in Hammonton


Absolutely wonderful pasteles at the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel carnival in Hammonton, NJ.

Doing it up right with my friend, Karla, from work.


Jesus Christ Superstar at SCP in Woodbury


Jesus and the Apostles (I'm on the far right)


Well we have just finished our run of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Sketch Club Players in Woodbury, NJ.  Yes, I should have blogged about it before it was over but I was busy and tired and lazy and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I’m blogging about it now. It was was a great show and a great run. And yes, everyone ALWAYS says that the current show they’re doing is the best ever but this really was at the top of the heap. We had a super talented cast and great direction. The acting, the music, and the dancing came together so magically.  We had a standing ovation the first night. Now that’s saying something.

My BFF Amy and Me


To top it all off, I got to work for the first time in a show with my friend Amy. That was the icing on the cake. In addition, a lot of the cast I had worked with in previous shows and it was great to see them again. I also made some new friends along the way. Everyone was so nice to me. I had lots of fears because I am not a singer or dance.  After a lot of effort and patience and help, I was able to strut my stuff on stage without looking like a thrashing fish out of water. And I had three lines that I sang all by myself and I was even able to hit the notes. So there. Maybe I can sing and dance. A little. In local theater. With tons and tons of practice.  And a loving and patient cast.

I’d like to share some pictures from the show. Of course, I’ve only picked out ones with me in them. I’m the old guy with the gray beard, hat, glasses, and white shirt with brown print. Continue reading

Friends, Family, and Other Strange Relationships

Birds of a Feather…

My blog suffered a bit due to neglect during the past couple of months. I regret that slightly, but life had kind of taken over for a while, consuming a good portion of my time. I had been busy with a play (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and was focusing on creating a realistic patient for the show.  I believe I succeeded and received some very heart-warming praise from both audience and cast members alike.  Many people told me it was the best performance I had given to date.  Maybe I’m tooting my horn just a little too much but it sure made feel proud of my work and my efforts.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you give it your all and receive recognition for those actions as well.

In addition to working on the play, I had to deal with the craziness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my daughter and her fiance buying their first home in the middle of all that.  Add in rehearsals and practicing for the play and I barely knew which end was up.  Lastly, my very close friend, Linda, was moving into Heather’s old bedroom at the end of January.

Now Linda and I are very close friends.  She doesn’t like me blabbing about her personal life–she prefers to do that on her own. Anyway, I am not revealing any deep secrets when I tell you that she’s been out of work for over a year.  She could no longer afford her apartment and continue to pay the extensive amount of bills she had amassed over the past couple of years.  She was working a second job and barely keeping up with her bills.  Living a lifestyle that she felt she deserved but really couldn’t afford disastrously caught up with her when she lost her job. Of course, she lost the second job with weeks of losing her main job… Continue reading

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

You Never Know What’s Inside Until You’ve Squished Them

Okay, Life is like a box of "cheap" chocolates. The good stuff always comes with a chart.

I know that yesterday’s post was kind of a downer, but I was feeling down and that’s the way it goes sometimes.  With everything else going on, I had an appointment with my counselor yesterday at 5:00.  Yes, I am seeing a counselor.  It’s no biggie. I’ve gone to them in the past when I felt it was needed:  when I first broke up with Janine and when Heather moved in with Chip and Me. (All three of us went.)

My counselor was concerned because we were discussing some very nasty things that happened to me as a child. (Things I will never discuss on this blog.) He was worried that I could get upset or react destructively. I was confident that I would not allow myself to do either.  After we finished, I think we were both kind of right.

hole_in_my_head_poster-p228545496660251823trma_400As I drove home afterwords, all these ugly old images and thoughts were racing through my head.  I hate to admit it, but I was a little shaken.  Maybe shaken is too strong a word—but I can’t seem to find the right word to fit the situation.  When I got home, I could sense those old feelings of self-loathing sneaking up on me. I decided I wasn’t going to let them beat me. After I walked, the dogs, I plopped my butt in front of the computer to check my emails even as the old demons stalked me from inside my head… Continue reading

Tragedy and All That Crap

theatre mask

So I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’ve been having weird dreams involving vampires and Nazis and I even dreamed about having sex with an ex coworker whom I haven’t worked with in over 15 years. As a result, I’ve been very tired lately. But I don’t contribute all the tiredness to my recent sleep deprivation.

I also think my new blood pressure medicine is making me tired or perhaps, the combination of taking two different blood pressure medicines may be the culprit. Or it may be the stress.

Yes, there’s lots of stress-the stress of the death of my stepfather, the stress of worrying about my mother being lonely, the stress of trying to learn my lines for my upcoming play (and being very far behind in that endeavor), and of course, the stress of worrying about my job as my company has cut down considerably on trade shows and traveling.

lardIn addition to all that stress, I worry about my weight. I’ve hit the 200 mark and I am not happy about it. I realize that I weigh 32 lbs. less that what I was at my heaviest but it is also 25 lbs. more than where I want to be and have been. I got rid of most of my fat clothes so now I have tons of clothes in my closet and drawers that do not fit me. At all… Continue reading

2009 Male Face of Kiel James Patrick Model Contest

The Next Male KJP Model, With a Little Help From You

The Next Male KJP Model, With a Little Help From You

Explore Modeling is hosting the 2009 Male Face of Kiel James Patrick contest. Some of you may be wondering who is Kiel James Patrick. Kiel James Patrick is a designer who has his own fashion line, called KJP featured on his own website. Mr. Patrick describes his fashion vision as, “Our vision is prevalent in the wholesome and traditional values that give luxury living sophistication.” Who knew sophisticated luxury living was wholesome too?

So why should you and I care about this modeling contest? If you’ve seen my picture, you know that I certainly don’t have the wholesome, luxurious look of sophistication. But someone I know does have that look. His name is Matthew Simburg and he’s entered this contest… Continue reading

Facebook: Jumping Face First Into the 21st Century!


Yes, folks, I finally did it. I joined Facebook. I know I said that I would never join Facebook or Twitter or any of those other crazy networking social groups but my friend, Linda, joined and asked me to join, so what was I to do? It’s a lame excuse, but it’s all I got. (Cause good friends do things like that.) In reality, I felt like I had finally made the jump into the 21st century–face first, that is.

Joining Facebook really is quite an experience. After joining, Facebook automatically started to make “friend” recommendations based on my locale and workplace. Co-workers and friends started popping up like crazy and within ten minutes I had a dozen and a half friends. After letting Facebook search my email and IM accounts, my friends list expanded exponentially. Ok, well maybe it didn’t expand that much, but it certainly was easy to find people I knew. And for them to find me, too… Continue reading