Diets and the Workplace


Somebody brought in bags of goodies this morning add deposited them on a work table in the marketing department.  I guess they felt we need to get all sugared up before we could be really creative. How thoughtful!

Seriously though, I’ve been doing well at maintaining 185 lbs but I’d really love to get it down to 179 or less. Big bags of yummy treats that sit on a table nearby seem to call my name like a lover in a sweet wine dream. This is not a good thing and it’s why diets don’t work.

For me, it’s a life change in eating habits. Not wanting to deny myself, I had a big, green gummy fish and four jelly beans. It was yummy and enough to satisfy. Plus it fits right in with my Mary Poppins philosophy about eating: Enough is as good as a feast. Which works great if you know what enough is.

Anyway, do what I do. Don’t diet. Change the way you eat. Don’t deny yourself but don’t over do it. Take baby steps or baby bites, whichever works. And if you fall off the wagon, simply jump back on again.


Thanksgiving Day Dinner Calorie Count

Thanksgiving Dinner Ranges From 2,500 – 5,000 Calories. Is That A Big Deal?

It’s almost time for Thanksgiving.  I can almost smell the turkey roasting in the oven. Oh, how I love a good ole’ traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Give me the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, candied yams, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Yummy. I am drooling as I write this. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving dinner comes with a price tag.

Depending on who you talk to, what website you visit, or which blog expert you read, Thanksgiving dinner can run upwards to 5,000 calories.  Now based on the calorie calculator from, a 5′ 9″  35-year-old man weighing 180 lbs. and is “somewhat active” should consume no more than 2,400 calories a day.  Adjust the figures for a 35-year-old woman at 5′ 5″ and 135 lbs. and it drops to 1,800 calories a day. So for the average man or woman, a Thanksgiving dinner could equal up to 2 to 2.5 times their daily caloric intake–in one seating! Yikes!!

So what’s a person to do? If you search the internet, you will find all sorts of creative ideas for “adjusting” your Thanksgiving traditional meal.  Recipes abound for low-fat mashed potatoes made with vegetable broth instead of cream, roasted veggies instead of the green bean casserole or candied yams, and low-fat, low-calorie pumpkin pie. The experts suggest sticking to skinless turkey breasts and bland, butter-free, sausage-free stuffing. Ugh. Sorry folks, but that’s just not for me… Continue reading

This And That

Sometimes You Just Need to Ramble

SissyI know it’s been less than a week but I still miss my Sissy so much.  Every time I would come home, I would see her face peering through the curtains in the living room.  You could see that she recognized me as I pulled up and suddenly she would disappear.  When I opened the door, there she would be–barking, smiling, and wagging her tail. She was always happy to see me and full of kisses and loveys.

She was such an affectionate dog.  She loved laying on me or up against me. She loved to be handled–to be rubbed, petted, kissed, and hugged. She would even hug you back.  And as she gave you all that love, she would groan and moan with joy. I guess that’s what I used to do with her when she was just a little pup and she picked it up.

I feel a little guilty, mourning so deeply the loss of a dog, especially when you think about my my stepfather passing and my co-worker losing his 19 yo daughter.  This is no comparison but yet, my sense of loss is deep to me. Sissy wasn’t just my dog. She was my companion, my friend. Forever loving, always forgiving, never judging, I could share with her all my secrets. I could cry to her when I was sad and she would snuggle up and comfort me. I could laugh and dance with her when I was happy and she would be joyously happy along with me… Continue reading

Tragedy and All That Crap

theatre mask

So I haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’ve been having weird dreams involving vampires and Nazis and I even dreamed about having sex with an ex coworker whom I haven’t worked with in over 15 years. As a result, I’ve been very tired lately. But I don’t contribute all the tiredness to my recent sleep deprivation.

I also think my new blood pressure medicine is making me tired or perhaps, the combination of taking two different blood pressure medicines may be the culprit. Or it may be the stress.

Yes, there’s lots of stress-the stress of the death of my stepfather, the stress of worrying about my mother being lonely, the stress of trying to learn my lines for my upcoming play (and being very far behind in that endeavor), and of course, the stress of worrying about my job as my company has cut down considerably on trade shows and traveling.

lardIn addition to all that stress, I worry about my weight. I’ve hit the 200 mark and I am not happy about it. I realize that I weigh 32 lbs. less that what I was at my heaviest but it is also 25 lbs. more than where I want to be and have been. I got rid of most of my fat clothes so now I have tons of clothes in my closet and drawers that do not fit me. At all… Continue reading

Philly Gay Pride Parade and Festival Went on Without Me


I didn’t go to the 2009 Philadelphia Pride parade and festival that was held this year on Sunday, June 14. Does that make me a bad gay person? Before I answer that (actually it’s a rhetorical question), I think I should give you a little background.

It's not all drag queens and men in bikini shorts.

It's not all drag queens and men in leather.

I’ve been going to PRIDE parades since I was in my 20’s. I’ve taken my partners and my daughter to them. I’ve marched in the parades, worked booths at the festival, watched the parades from the sidelines, and even volunteered to help set up the festival. So I’ve done it all from spectator to participant. But not this year… Continue reading

Weight Loss – Evil Temptations

The call of Temptation – I will not answer!

I hate to admit it but not only did I gain twenty pounds after I stopped smoking but I gained an additional ten pounds during the Christmas holiday for a total of 30 whopping pounds. I haven’t been this heavy since I lost 72 lbs back at the end of 2003! I was seriously distressed over this enormous weight gain and Linda and I vowed to lose weight together in 2009. Continue reading

Blah Blah Blog…

I am so behind on everything that it’s not even funny. I’ve been give blog awards that I haven’t responded to, I’ve won prizes that I barely acknowledged, and I didn’t even post about my New Year’s Eve dinner with Linda. (and I even took pictures) I promise I will get to the prizes and awards, especially the awesome t-shirt I won from my friend over at A World of Progress. Go read her blog…really, go here and do it now. I’ll wait right here until your done.
Ah, your back. I take it you enjoyed her blog? Good… I know I just did a post on apathy and I suppose that it is trickling down to this post as well…or running up or over or whatever you want to call it. I guess I am at a loss for words and I didn’t want to fall into publishing crap posts like, “I didn’t do anything this week” or “There’s nothing to report.” Why even publish a post like that? Continue reading