Supertramp Had Kippers for Breakfast




Back in 1979, Supertramp sang about having kippers for breakfast on theirBreakfast in America album and here I am some 32 years later eating them for lunch. When that album came out, I had no idea what kippers were. There was no Google for me to search on. I naturally assumed it was a British delicacy.  Who knew that it was simply tinned fish? Yup. Tasty little filets of boneless herring. At 130 calories per tin, they’re an excellent low calorie source for omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately they are also loaded with sodium. I still don’t care cause I’m having kippers for lunch, mummie dear, mummie dear…


Top 5 Best and Worst Chicken Sandwiches – Is Fast Food Really Fat Food?

The New KFC Double Down Takes on Chicken Sandwiches And Leaves the Bun at Home

I was listening to a radio station this morning on the way to work and the d- jays were talking about the new KFC Double Down bun-less chicken sandwich.  They had gone to their local KFC to try the sandwich and had recorded their reactions.  For those of you who haven’t heard about this new gastronomical delight, it’s 2 boneless white meat chicken filets (grilled or original recipe), 2 pieces of bacon, 2 slices of Monterey jack and pepper cheese, and the Colonel’s sauce, whatever the hell that is.  But NO BUN!

There were two guys and one gal doing the test taste. The two guys are you typical man-guys who think everything tastes better when you fry it and add bacon and cheese. The gal, on the other hand, is into fresh, organic foods and shops at Whole Foods.  But she had agreed (or rather was coerced) to at least take a bite of the sandwich.

The guys dug right in, grunting and groaning.  They were enjoying every bite and basically described it as amazingly delicious and surprisingly not greasy.  The gal relented and took her bite.  Her honest response was that all she could taste was salt. She did not want another bite however, you could hear the two guys eagerly woofing down the remaining bits of their bun-free sandwiches.

As a person on a low sodium diet, I could certainly relate to the gal.  Since I no longer use salt when I cook or on my plate, my awareness to salt has increased immensely.  Foods I once thought weren’t salty, suddenly are now very salty. I wondered if I would feel the same about the Double Down.  I also wondered how much sodium was in this semi-sandwich, so I did a bit of checking on it… Continue reading

Reynolds Wrap Corporation – How Could Ye?

Reynolds Discontinues the Amazing Handi-Vac Food Storage System!

Reynolds discontinued

I have one question beyond the obvious “Why?” and that is:  Where are the protesters wrapped in aluminum foil? Where are the supermarket sit ins? Where are the throngs of angry crowds in the streets tossing their freezer burned steaks at the police?  Where are the homemakers down on their knees in anguish with their arms stretched up towards the Gods crying out for icicle-free food?  And even more important, why wasn’t I alerted before my stash of handi-vac bags had been depleted? Okay, so that’s more than one question. Sue me.

handivacI had found what I believed to be the most handy and useful kitchen appliance/tool since the toaster oven:  The Reynolds Handi-Vac Vacuum Food Storage System.  The system consists of the Handi-Vac and the Handi-Vac freezer bags.  Simply place your food product into the Handi-Vac bag, seal it, and start pumping out the air.  Just like those systems that costs hundreds of dollars, this handy $9.99 tool sucked all the air out of the freezer bag, keeping our meats and veggies and just about anything else absolutely freezer burn free for months and months and months and all at a fraction of the cost.  We even used it to keep cheese and lunch meats fresher longer.  In fact, it kept my scrapple fresh for weeks longer than it would have had I put it in a conventional bag… Continue reading

Iced Coffee from PomWonderful

But There’s No Pomegranate Juice In This Coffee

Do cool ads make a cool product? We shall see...

Do cool ads make a cool product? We shall see...

The folks over at PomWonderful are at it again and have been kind enough to send me some samples of POMx, their new iced coffee.  Since Heather, Aaron, and I are BIG coffee lovers, we were very excited to give these iced coffees a try. Adding to the excitement is that these coffees are not only good tasting but are good for you as well, chock full of antioxidants.  Reading right from the bottle’s label:

Stimulating health benefits include POMx an ultra-potent, 100% pure polyphenol antioxidant extract.  Every smooth sip is masterfully brewed from ethically sourced Rainforest Alliance Certified, premium Italian-roasted Arabica beans, then blended with reduced fat milk for a heavenly, creamy taste.

Well you just have to be impressed with a statement like that.  We love healthy, environmentally friendly products, but being a person who works in marketing, I know that pretty words do not necessarily make a pretty product.  The proof is in the pudding, or rather, in this case, the iced coffee.  The only way to know for sure is to give it a try.

We received two samples each of the Chocolate and Cafe au Lait flavors along with a letter that said they enclosed a coupon for a free Vanilla version, but alas, no coupon was enclosed.  So this taste test will be for the two flavors that we did receive… Continue reading

POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice – Put Some POM Wow in Your Life!

Pom Superhero2To be quite honest, I was a little leery when Molly over at POM Wonderful sent me an email offering to send me free bottles of their pomegranate juice to try with no strings attached. Hey, I’m all about free stuff. Free is my favorite color and flavor, and it always seems to fit perfectly. BUT (and this is a BIG BUT), I was a little afraid of pomegranate juice. Would I like it?

My daughter, Heather, has been nagging me to try pomegranate juice. She’s all about healthy. She insisted that pomegranate juice was the Dr. Pepper of juices. (So misunderstood) Besides, it’s loaded with antioxidants. It’s good for your heart and prostate and even improves erectile function. (No comment) With all that in mind (and since it was free), I agreed to try the samples. Even though it was “no strings attached”, I decided that I would blog about my findings, regardless of whether I liked the stuff or not. Shortly afterwards I received a package of eight 8 oz double-bubble shaped bottles full of a very dark red juice… Continue reading

Top Ten Strange and Stupid Products


I’ve decided to put together my top list of strange, weird, stupid, dumb, and/or just plain useless products.  These products all carry the ‘Are You Serious?’ factor. Now I’ve blogged about strange products before, things like the Subtle Butt Fart Pads, security briefs with built-in skid marks, a gun shaped remote control and more, but these are the crème de la crème.  (If you want to see all my crazy product reviews, simply look on the right side of the bottom half of my blog and click on “Product Reviews.”)  Just remember as you read this, these are all real products currently on sale somewhere.  As P.T. Barnum once said, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” and these products are here to prove that point.


There is no way my dogs would let me do this

#10. The Dogone Dog Thong Gas Neutralizing Pad – That’s right, a thong for your dog that also neutralizes farts.  This should be a companion partner to the Subtle Butt.  First of all, who wants to put a thong on a dog?  Secondly, what self-respecting dog would wear one of these things? Well the folks over at Flat-D Innovations, whose tag line is “Products For Those Who Care,” thought this was a good idea.  Unfortunately, not enough people seemed to care about their dogs farting and the product was discontinued… Continue reading

Mom and Me Diaper Cakes Take Diaper Cakes to a Whole New Level

Diaper Cake with Fish Theme

Diaper Cake with Fish Theme

My very good friend, Sandy, and her mom have started a new diaper cake business. Recently featured on NJ’s premier online news magazine, Write On NJ, I was excited to find out exactly how Mom and Me Diaper Cakes got its start and how it stands apart from the rest.

I’ve known Sandy since she was 18 years old when she worked at Olive Garden with my ex, Wade. We hit it off right away and for many years we were the Three Amigos, barely ever seen apart. She even got a job working at the same company where I work. Eventually, she met her future husband, Steve and Wade and I broke up so the Three Amigos were no more. But she’s very dear to me and we’ve still remained good friends… Continue reading