Diets and the Workplace


Somebody brought in bags of goodies this morning add deposited them on a work table in the marketing department.  I guess they felt we need to get all sugared up before we could be really creative. How thoughtful!

Seriously though, I’ve been doing well at maintaining 185 lbs but I’d really love to get it down to 179 or less. Big bags of yummy treats that sit on a table nearby seem to call my name like a lover in a sweet wine dream. This is not a good thing and it’s why diets don’t work.

For me, it’s a life change in eating habits. Not wanting to deny myself, I had a big, green gummy fish and four jelly beans. It was yummy and enough to satisfy. Plus it fits right in with my Mary Poppins philosophy about eating: Enough is as good as a feast. Which works great if you know what enough is.

Anyway, do what I do. Don’t diet. Change the way you eat. Don’t deny yourself but don’t over do it. Take baby steps or baby bites, whichever works. And if you fall off the wagon, simply jump back on again.


I’m In Print, Sort Of…

Trade Shows, Magazines, and Traveling Circuses

Well, I bet you all thought this blog was dead, right? Wrong! I realize that it has been some time since I posted anything on Me and the Blue Skies but this baby hasn’t exhaled its last breath just yet. And what better thing to bring me back to blogging then to announce that “I’m In Print!” Well, sort of.

Several months ago I wrote this really cool article about the state of the Trade Show Industry. Our company was toying with the idea of putting out a corporate blog and my creative juices were charged up a little. The blog thing hasn’t happened yet but while I was thinking about things I could write, I typed up a nice little story about where I thought trade shows were heading and what they needed to do to turn things around, so to speak. Actually, a post about trade shows wouldn’t exactly be the type of post I would put on the company blog anyway so even if we did do the blog, I doubt that it would have ended up on it.

So what was I going to do with this really cool article about an industry that affects my job? After all, I am a trade show coordinator. So naturally I decided that I should try to get it published and what better magazine then Exhibitor Magazine, THE quintessential trade show industry magazine. After scanning the magazine and their website many times, I couldn’t find anything indicating where to submit articles. Did that stop me? No way. I simply sent my article to the “letters to the editors” section and crossed my fingers… Continue reading

A Quickie

Just a quick hello to say that I have returned safely from Orlando and am still crazy buys. I still need to sort through all the leads, announce the winner of the contest, and process all the requests. In addition to that, I had to race home from work today, walk the dogs, slurp down some soup, and make it to rehearsal by 6:00 pm. I got home a little after 10 and had to walk the dogs again. I’m about to go to bed but I just wanted to say hello to all you folks out there. Please don’t give up on me. I promise not to abandon my blog.

Greetings From Orlando!

I’m on my lunch break and on a computer at an Internet Cafe inside the NAFEM Show at the Orange County Convention Center, South Hall. Was that a mouthful or what!? The show is going well and although we were a little slow yesterday, we are much busier today. The “Super Hero” theme is very popular and we’ve given away a lot of our “comic books” and “Super FMP” t-shirts. So far, I’m pleased.

The weather has been cool to cold. I’m glad I bought a winter jacket because I’ve worn it every night. It’s supposed to be warmer today but I have been inside the show hall so I am not sure of what the weather is like. We are taking clients out to dinner tonight and we will be eating on an outdoor covered patio that overlooks a like. There are this be heater towers on the patio and the restaurant assures me that we won’t be cold. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Well I better get back to the booth and make sure everything is going well. I’ll be back on Sunday and of course, will be thrust into tech week for my upcoming play, Measure For Measure. Hopefully, I’ll get to study some lines tonight. Bye for now!

Off to Orlando Until this Sunday

Well folks, I am sitting here waiting for my ride to the Philadelphia airport. I am heading off to sunny Orlando for the NAFEM Show. NAFEM stands for the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers. Every two years NAFEM holds what is arguably the biggest food service equipment trade show in the industry. Historically, the even was held in September and the venue would change with every show. I’ve done NAFEMs in New Orleans, Dallas, Anaheim, and Las Vegas, just to name a few. But last year the folks at NAFEM contracted to hold the next 5 shows in Orlando and changed the date from September to February.

So why should you care about this? Continue reading