Supertramp Had Kippers for Breakfast




Back in 1979, Supertramp sang about having kippers for breakfast on theirBreakfast in America album and here I am some 32 years later eating them for lunch. When that album came out, I had no idea what kippers were. There was no Google for me to search on. I naturally assumed it was a British delicacy.  Who knew that it was simply tinned fish? Yup. Tasty little filets of boneless herring. At 130 calories per tin, they’re an excellent low calorie source for omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately they are also loaded with sodium. I still don’t care cause I’m having kippers for lunch, mummie dear, mummie dear…


Diets and the Workplace


Somebody brought in bags of goodies this morning add deposited them on a work table in the marketing department.  I guess they felt we need to get all sugared up before we could be really creative. How thoughtful!

Seriously though, I’ve been doing well at maintaining 185 lbs but I’d really love to get it down to 179 or less. Big bags of yummy treats that sit on a table nearby seem to call my name like a lover in a sweet wine dream. This is not a good thing and it’s why diets don’t work.

For me, it’s a life change in eating habits. Not wanting to deny myself, I had a big, green gummy fish and four jelly beans. It was yummy and enough to satisfy. Plus it fits right in with my Mary Poppins philosophy about eating: Enough is as good as a feast. Which works great if you know what enough is.

Anyway, do what I do. Don’t diet. Change the way you eat. Don’t deny yourself but don’t over do it. Take baby steps or baby bites, whichever works. And if you fall off the wagon, simply jump back on again.

Anniversary Dinner at Cuba Libre in Philadelphia

It’s been two months since I met a very special guy. He’s a kind of private person so I wont go into any great details. Suffice to say, it’s blossoming into a wonderful and very promising relationship.

We met on Friday, May 13 at a prearranged “date” arranged our mutual friend, Toni Thompson. Yes, we met on a Friday the 13th and yes, it all started with Toni. Anyway, I earned a $50 dinner check from opentable and thought what better way to use it then going out for dinner to celebrate our two month anniversary. And what better place to celebrate then the always amazing Cuba Libre. So let’s take a look at what we ate: Continue reading

A Trip to Philadelphia

Since I live so close to Philadelphia, I visit it quite often. It’s a wonderful city, full of live and vitality and all kinds of great things like amazing restaurants, museums, history, cool parks, and a city vibe that just can’t be beat. So when Linda and I had free museum tickets, I decided to give my new Droid phone’s camera a go. And I think it delivered quite well.

I didn’t take pictures of lunch but I managed a couple of pictures inside the Academy of Fine Arts before they told me that I was not allowed to take any pictures. It’s a gorgeous building and quite historic in itself. In fact, Linda felt the building was its own piece of art.

After we walked the museum, we decided to stroll around the city.  I love the city and there’s always something going on. I took pictures of city hall, statues, churches, store fronts, and lots more. Someone was having wedding pictures take on Broad Street and I snapped a whole bunch of pictures of that. We came across a Blocktober Fest and everyone looked like they were having fun.  Rittenhouse square was hopping with people and we ended up in a gourmet food shop, DiBruno Brothers, where we bought some NJ Cherry Grove Farms Maidenhead cheese that had been soaked in Flying Fish Beer.  I am sharing some pictures here but if you wanna see all the pictures, visit my Facebook photo gallery. Continue reading

Friends, Family, and Other Strange Relationships

Birds of a Feather…

My blog suffered a bit due to neglect during the past couple of months. I regret that slightly, but life had kind of taken over for a while, consuming a good portion of my time. I had been busy with a play (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) and was focusing on creating a realistic patient for the show.  I believe I succeeded and received some very heart-warming praise from both audience and cast members alike.  Many people told me it was the best performance I had given to date.  Maybe I’m tooting my horn just a little too much but it sure made feel proud of my work and my efforts.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you give it your all and receive recognition for those actions as well.

In addition to working on the play, I had to deal with the craziness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my daughter and her fiance buying their first home in the middle of all that.  Add in rehearsals and practicing for the play and I barely knew which end was up.  Lastly, my very close friend, Linda, was moving into Heather’s old bedroom at the end of January.

Now Linda and I are very close friends.  She doesn’t like me blabbing about her personal life–she prefers to do that on her own. Anyway, I am not revealing any deep secrets when I tell you that she’s been out of work for over a year.  She could no longer afford her apartment and continue to pay the extensive amount of bills she had amassed over the past couple of years.  She was working a second job and barely keeping up with her bills.  Living a lifestyle that she felt she deserved but really couldn’t afford disastrously caught up with her when she lost her job. Of course, she lost the second job with weeks of losing her main job… Continue reading

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

All Right, Already. Enough With the Snow! Gheez!

The view from my front door

It’s 9:30 am here in NJ and it’s been snowing since around 8 pm last night. And boy has it snowed. In fact, it’s still snowing.  The forecast is calling that it will continue to snow until somewhere between 5 – 7 pm tonight. That’s practically 24 hours of snow fall. Yikes. I tried to walk poor Dave this morning at 7:oo am but he would not go down the front steps. I took him out the side door and he went about 3 or 4 yards and stopped dead still in his tracks. The snow was up to his head and he practically disappeared in it. He was not happy.  Anyway, I practically had to drag the poor dog back into the house.

The view of the street corner from my front door.

Knowing that Dave really did need to do his duty (or dooty if you please), I shoveled like crazy on the side of the house.  I made enough of a space for him to come out but he only took a quick pee on the concrete and just stood at the door waiting for me to let him back in the house… Continue reading