Supertramp Had Kippers for Breakfast




Back in 1979, Supertramp sang about having kippers for breakfast on theirBreakfast in America album and here I am some 32 years later eating them for lunch. When that album came out, I had no idea what kippers were. There was no Google for me to search on. I naturally assumed it was a British delicacy.  Who knew that it was simply tinned fish? Yup. Tasty little filets of boneless herring. At 130 calories per tin, they’re an excellent low calorie source for omega-3 fatty acids. Unfortunately they are also loaded with sodium. I still don’t care cause I’m having kippers for lunch, mummie dear, mummie dear…


A Trip to Philadelphia

Since I live so close to Philadelphia, I visit it quite often. It’s a wonderful city, full of live and vitality and all kinds of great things like amazing restaurants, museums, history, cool parks, and a city vibe that just can’t be beat. So when Linda and I had free museum tickets, I decided to give my new Droid phone’s camera a go. And I think it delivered quite well.

I didn’t take pictures of lunch but I managed a couple of pictures inside the Academy of Fine Arts before they told me that I was not allowed to take any pictures. It’s a gorgeous building and quite historic in itself. In fact, Linda felt the building was its own piece of art.

After we walked the museum, we decided to stroll around the city.  I love the city and there’s always something going on. I took pictures of city hall, statues, churches, store fronts, and lots more. Someone was having wedding pictures take on Broad Street and I snapped a whole bunch of pictures of that. We came across a Blocktober Fest and everyone looked like they were having fun.  Rittenhouse square was hopping with people and we ended up in a gourmet food shop, DiBruno Brothers, where we bought some NJ Cherry Grove Farms Maidenhead cheese that had been soaked in Flying Fish Beer.  I am sharing some pictures here but if you wanna see all the pictures, visit my Facebook photo gallery. Continue reading

Sketch Club Players Put on “Out of Sight…Out of Murder”

And I Helped…

Out of Sight…Out of Murder opened last week at the Woodbury Sketch Club Players, and I helped.  That’s right folks. I was the assistant director.  My job was to assist director John Blackwell where ever it was possible including being on book during rehearsal, feeding actors their lines, reading lines when actors missed rehearsals, and working with the various actors to help them develop their characters. I had a wonderful time performing my duties but it was pretty easy when you’re working with a talented director like John–not to mention the talented cast he was able to assemble.

Is she dead...or thinking?

Now if you know anything about actors and acting, then you’ll know that the “current” show is always the “best” show with the “best” cast and all that jazz.  So I always take it with a little grain of salt when someone tells me they are in the best show they’ve ever done or are working with the best cast they’ve ever worked with.  And now I’m saying it and I’m not even in the cast… Continue reading

I’m In Print, Sort Of…

Trade Shows, Magazines, and Traveling Circuses

Well, I bet you all thought this blog was dead, right? Wrong! I realize that it has been some time since I posted anything on Me and the Blue Skies but this baby hasn’t exhaled its last breath just yet. And what better thing to bring me back to blogging then to announce that “I’m In Print!” Well, sort of.

Several months ago I wrote this really cool article about the state of the Trade Show Industry. Our company was toying with the idea of putting out a corporate blog and my creative juices were charged up a little. The blog thing hasn’t happened yet but while I was thinking about things I could write, I typed up a nice little story about where I thought trade shows were heading and what they needed to do to turn things around, so to speak. Actually, a post about trade shows wouldn’t exactly be the type of post I would put on the company blog anyway so even if we did do the blog, I doubt that it would have ended up on it.

So what was I going to do with this really cool article about an industry that affects my job? After all, I am a trade show coordinator. So naturally I decided that I should try to get it published and what better magazine then Exhibitor Magazine, THE quintessential trade show industry magazine. After scanning the magazine and their website many times, I couldn’t find anything indicating where to submit articles. Did that stop me? No way. I simply sent my article to the “letters to the editors” section and crossed my fingers… Continue reading

’96 Gibson SG Special Guitar for Sale

In Good To Very Good Used Condition

1996 Gibson SG Special Guitar with new gold tuning keys and a soft case.

I don’t usually use my blog to sell stuff, but my soon-to-be son-in-law is selling off his 1996 Gibson SG Special Guitar to raise some money for the french drain system they need for their basement and the new roof that they must get by springtime.  Funny isn’t it that as we grow the toys of our youth seem less important and get replaced by new toys like refrigerators, washers, dryers, and sump pumps for the basement? Ah, the joys of home ownership.  Makes you grow up pretty fast, eh?

Anyway, Aaron is not only willing to give up his once prized position, he’s absolutely dying to sell it.  The French drain with sump pump is gonna run them about $4,000.  The roof could run anywhere from $3,000 – $6,000 depending on whether they do the whole roof or just the back. (They recently received a letter from the insurance company that they will drop them if they don’t replace the back part of the roof by springtime.)  Aaron understands that the sale of the guitar isn’t going to pay for either of these needs, but it sure can help offset the costs… Continue reading