Anniversary Dinner at Cuba Libre in Philadelphia

It’s been two months since I met a very special guy. He’s a kind of private person so I wont go into any great details. Suffice to say, it’s blossoming into a wonderful and very promising relationship.

We met on Friday, May 13 at a prearranged “date” arranged our mutual friend, Toni Thompson. Yes, we met on a Friday the 13th and yes, it all started with Toni. Anyway, I earned a $50 dinner check from opentable and thought what better way to use it then going out for dinner to celebrate our two month anniversary. And what better place to celebrate then the always amazing Cuba Libre. So let’s take a look at what we ate:

Mariquitas Cabana – Dip sampler with plantain, malanga, and yuca chips. We chose guacamole cubano, mushrooms escabeche rillette, and Cuba Libre rum-cured smoked Marlin salad.





<a Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Anniversary Dinner at Cuba Libre in Philadelphia

    • Bonnie Kapensein says:

      Cuba Libre is great. We’ve been there (w/ daughter Sarah). Looks like you’re a foodie like my daughter, Sarah and her husband. They make gourmet meals and put the photos on fb and love fine dining!!

  1. Preston, I’m happy for you for two reasons:

    1. You’re blogging again and
    2. You’re very happy with your new guy.

    Both are very good things. Sounds like you found a winner 🙂

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