Jesus Christ Superstar at SCP in Woodbury


Jesus and the Apostles (I'm on the far right)


Well we have just finished our run of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Sketch Club Players in Woodbury, NJ.  Yes, I should have blogged about it before it was over but I was busy and tired and lazy and blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I’m blogging about it now. It was was a great show and a great run. And yes, everyone ALWAYS says that the current show they’re doing is the best ever but this really was at the top of the heap. We had a super talented cast and great direction. The acting, the music, and the dancing came together so magically.  We had a standing ovation the first night. Now that’s saying something.

My BFF Amy and Me


To top it all off, I got to work for the first time in a show with my friend Amy. That was the icing on the cake. In addition, a lot of the cast I had worked with in previous shows and it was great to see them again. I also made some new friends along the way. Everyone was so nice to me. I had lots of fears because I am not a singer or dance.  After a lot of effort and patience and help, I was able to strut my stuff on stage without looking like a thrashing fish out of water. And I had three lines that I sang all by myself and I was even able to hit the notes. So there. Maybe I can sing and dance. A little. In local theater. With tons and tons of practice.  And a loving and patient cast.

I’d like to share some pictures from the show. Of course, I’ve only picked out ones with me in them. I’m the old guy with the gray beard, hat, glasses, and white shirt with brown print.


"Everything's all right, yes!"



Christ's first visit to Pilate



The Angry Mob



Crucify him!



See, I can dance!



Jesus Christ, Superstar! (Yup, I'm clapping and dancing)


BONUS PICTURES from “Murder Overbooked”, the dinner theater fund raiser (written by my friend Erin) that Linda and I did at the Eagle Theater in Hammonton:


Me, Ian, and Linda. I play the Rev. Harold B. Thyname and Linda played my wife. Note: Ian is also in the Superstar pictures.



The Rev. Harold B. Thyname



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