I’m A Bad, Bad Blogger


It’s been quite some time since I posted anything to this blog.  I think I need to make some decisions.  Should I let this blog slip away into the vast wasteland of abandoned and forgotten blogs? Can I stand to see my work fall into that deep crevice of electronic has-beens and never-weres?

Actually,  my blog gets between 75 – 100 hits a day even when I post nothing. Technically, that means it wouldn’t just disappear.  It would simply be no longer fresh or current. Blah.

I have been terribly busy with two shows. I’m doing a murder mystery dinner theater at the Eagle Theater in Hammonton this Sat, September 18. Plus I am in rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar at the Woodbury Sketch Club which opens the first week of October. And that’s me at work sporting my beard especially grown just for Superstar. (Note: It’s 9/18 and we’ve sold out the dinner theater. Woo Hoo!)

Maybe I should wait until these shows are over before I decide to put the final nail in the coffin. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get bitten by that writing bug again.


6 thoughts on “I’m A Bad, Bad Blogger

  1. John Ryan Recabar says:

    i also feel the same whenever I am not posting. but i try, my best to post something just so i quell the bad feeling i have whenever i do not get to post anything–sometimes i ended up posting the most mundane of writing. 😉

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