Sketch Club Players Put on “Out of Sight…Out of Murder”

And I Helped…

Out of Sight…Out of Murder opened last week at the Woodbury Sketch Club Players, and I helped.  That’s right folks. I was the assistant director.  My job was to assist director John Blackwell where ever it was possible including being on book during rehearsal, feeding actors their lines, reading lines when actors missed rehearsals, and working with the various actors to help them develop their characters. I had a wonderful time performing my duties but it was pretty easy when you’re working with a talented director like John–not to mention the talented cast he was able to assemble.

Is she dead...or thinking?

Now if you know anything about actors and acting, then you’ll know that the “current” show is always the “best” show with the “best” cast and all that jazz.  So I always take it with a little grain of salt when someone tells me they are in the best show they’ve ever done or are working with the best cast they’ve ever worked with.  And now I’m saying it and I’m not even in the cast…

I can’t begin to explain how exciting  it is to watch a play develop from beginning to end and to have a hand in all of that is most rewarding. As the actors grow inside their characters, it’s amazing to watch the transformation.  I’ve worked with many of the actors in this show before, so I know what they are capable of doing. But this time, I was on the other side of the stage–standing outside and looking in.  Not only did I get the chance to watch it all happen, I helped shape the way it went.  Oh, and I am not taking credit for all the work John and the actors did themselves.  I’m just very proud of the little bit that I added to help make the play even that much better.

The show is very funny.  Not only did I laugh through most of the rehearsals, I’m laughing during the shows as well.  It’s a funny play about a writer who holes up in a gloomy Vermont home where another writer had died under “mysterious circumstances.”  As the writer assembles the characters for his book, a storm approaches and they all come to life.  Of course, the characters are all the old stereotypes:  The stuffy butler, the unwed and pregnant sexy maid, the crotchety old lady, the juvenile, the sleazy lawyer and his aging, sexpot gold-digging wife, and the ingenue.  Throw in a housekeeper hired by the rental agency, and you’ve got one funny stage set for murder.

I think I know something...

Three down and five to go...

Enter the sleazy lawyer...

If you live in the South Jersey area, come see the show.  Click here for more information.  If not, enjoy the pictures and remember that I am like the little shake ‘n bake girl, cause “I helped!”

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