Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

All Right, Already. Enough With the Snow! Gheez!

The view from my front door

It’s 9:30 am here in NJ and it’s been snowing since around 8 pm last night. And boy has it snowed. In fact, it’s still snowing.  The forecast is calling that it will continue to snow until somewhere between 5 – 7 pm tonight. That’s practically 24 hours of snow fall. Yikes. I tried to walk poor Dave this morning at 7:oo am but he would not go down the front steps. I took him out the side door and he went about 3 or 4 yards and stopped dead still in his tracks. The snow was up to his head and he practically disappeared in it. He was not happy.  Anyway, I practically had to drag the poor dog back into the house.

The view of the street corner from my front door.

Knowing that Dave really did need to do his duty (or dooty if you please), I shoveled like crazy on the side of the house.  I made enough of a space for him to come out but he only took a quick pee on the concrete and just stood at the door waiting for me to let him back in the house… I knew he still needed to do a #2 and that meant shoveling from the front door to the street. So with no other recourse, I worked my way to the street in surprisingly fast time. I hooked the dog up and after a few tepid steps, Dave and I were on the street.  The wind was blowing the snow all around us and barely a soul was out. But Dave finally did the deed and back home we trudged.  Isn’t this the most exciting story you ever heard about a dog taking a dump?

Anyway, here are a few more pictures around my house. I thought you might enjoy them!

My front yard and part of Linda's SUV.

My front yard and part of Linda's SUV.

The house across the street

Party lights that hang on the side of my garage. They look like giant winter acorns.

The tree between my house and the garage. My patio table and chairs are in the foreground.

Look how high the snow is piled on that table!

The view from my dining room window.

Well, that sure is a lot of snow, eh? As pretty as it may look, what a pain the shoveling is going to be.  And now that Linda is up and about, we are going to head out and try to do a bit of it. Wish us luck and lots of hot coffee.  Ho! Ho! Ho! Blah!


6 thoughts on “Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

  1. I’m sure it’s a pain in the arse to shovel and live in but man, that’s beautiful to see. Remember, I’m in California so if I want to see snow, I gotta drive a few hours into the mountains like I did last weekend. Either way, very pitcturesque!

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