Having Dinner at Supper in Philadelphia

Dining at Supper During Philadelphia Restaurant Week

Philadelphia Restaurant week is over but Linda and I got a chance to dine out during this event last week.  I’ve been busy with my show, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. It closed this weekend so I didn’t get the opportunity to post about our Supper experience until now.

Linda and I love to take advantage of Restaurant Week.  It’s a great opportunity to try someplace you haven’t eaten before at a reduced price. We’ve been to Amada, Chifa, and Tinto (to name a few) during previous restaurant weeks.  This time I suggested we try Supper and since Supper appeared in Philadelphia Magazine’s Top Philadelphia Restaurants list, Linda decided it was a good idea. And boy, was I glad we went.

Supper is located right above 9th and South Street.  There’s really not much around that area, as most of the activity on South Street happens between 2nd and 7th.  Besides, South Street is nothing like it used to be and, in my opinion, has gone down hill substantially. The outside of Supper is quite unassuming but the inside is full of warm earth colors and bustling activity.

As we walked in we were warmly greeted by the hostess. Even though we were 20 minutes early, she said she would be able to seat us in just a minute.  As she checked our table, the bartender smiled at us and asked us if this was our first time at Supper.  We told him it was and he smiled again, telling us we were in for a treat. The hostess returned and lead us upstairs to our table.  OK. So I never finished this post. Sue me. Some day I’ll dig up the pictures and finish this thing…or not. 😦


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