I’m Addicted To Milk

Yes, I Have A Love Affair With Milk

I keep drinking milk but I never end up looking like this.

I love milk. I L-O-V-E love it.  It’s a love affair that has been going on my whole life.  In fact, is not just love, it’s a craving. Oh, how I crave milk. When I was a kid, my mother would limit the amount of milk I had at the dinner table.  I was allowed one glass until I finished my meal and only then I could have another. And this was the late 60’s – early 70’s when milk was considered God’s gift to the world of children’s beverages. But I drank that much milk. In fact, I would have rather filled  up on milk then eat most of the food that was being passed before me.

When I became an adult, I discovered that I could drink milk whenever I wanted, with no limitations.  And drink I did. I ordered milk with dinner at restaurants. I drank milk with my lunch. I ate cereal in the morning. And I drank milk in the evening, plain and chocolate. By the time I was 30, I was drinking half a gallon a day. No lie. (Trust me, I’m not Pat Robertson.)

Eventually all this bad press started appearing about milk. It was too full of fat. It was no good for adults. Cows were full of hormones. Milk was wasted calories.  I could go on and on.  I was crushed. But then 2%, 1%, and fat-free started to hit the markets. To be quite honest, original fat-free milk was disgusting. It even had a bluish hue to it.  And I didn’t like 1% that much better. But I was able to switch to 2%. Still, everyone kept telling me milk was no good for me…

When I went through my depression and lost all that weight, I stopped drinking milk. Well, in all honesty, I stopped drinking and eating most everything.  When I did start to eat again, I kept milk off the menu.  I  thought since everyone was telling me that I shouldn’t drink milk, I’d go without it. We did have milk in the house but it was in small amounts for recipes.  Still, I missed it. I missed it a lot. But I learned to go on with out my beloved milk.

Besides, I still at ice cream, pudding, cheese, and yogurt. They’re all milk products.  And I love them all. In fact, my favorite cheese is good old white American cheese. (I’m a Yankee doodle dand…uhm, sorry, got carried away.) Anyway, it’s all dairy but it’s just not the same as a nice cold glass of milk. Nothing is like a cold glass of milk to a milk addict.

Well I’ve put on at least half of the weight I lost and I’ve started drinking milk again. No, the milk did not make me gain the weight. I gained it before I started drinking the milk.  I drink Organic milk now. (I drink SuperFresh’s brand, Americas Choice or Horizon – with the cow on the box. Both are good.) And I switch between fat-free and 1% and I’m loving it again. (Today’s fat-free milk is nothing like it was years ago. It’s surprisingly rich and creamy.) One of the things I am really enjoying is a nice warm glass of Ovaltine before I go to bed. And I love the old school, malt Ovaltine the best. I sip on a nice warm mug of Ovaltine and I feel like a kid again. Mmmmmm…

Now don’t start yelling at me because I’m drinking milk.  After all, I am drinking organic milk which is better than just regular milk.  If I could get my hands on raw milk, I’d drink that. Unfortunately, no local raw milk is available where I live. So I drink what is available–fresh, delicious organic milk. And to all you naysayers, you anti-milksters, you milk hating mongers, I say “PHOEY!” I’ve given up quite a bit in my life and it’s time to take something back. Don’t cry for me, milk. The truth is I never left you. And if anyone gives me any lip service, you better watch out cause I know some pretty super men who drink milk.


12 thoughts on “I’m Addicted To Milk

  1. I’m lactose intolerant myself so…while I do love milk, it doesn’t love me back. I’ve been drinking soy stuff for so long now that regular milk tastes dirty and smells funny. It’s really strange!

  2. catt says:

    I go back to the days whenI was a kid and had “Elsie” the cow in the barn.. So Yes raw milk… I love a nice cold glass of milk with my cookies snack.. I take my meds with milk they go down faster.. So yes I am a milk drink even tho I get PREACHED to me “its not good for me”… When I was a kid MILK was the only drink.. WE had it with everything. Milk and tuna sandwich, milk with Pizza..I LOVE MILK!!! Ssh! Milk with a shot of Coffee Liqueur is a fine drink too…ssh!!

  3. Marti says:

    Ohhhhhh Preston, Ovaltine! Yes, the original! I didnt know they still made it! I remember that comforting brown jar in my Mom’s old white metal cabinets. Now you have me all excited.

  4. I’m sorry, did you say something after you posted that pic of DB? Just kidding! I sympathize with your love affair of milk. Unfortunately I’m in love with diet coke which is just a cauldron of toxic chemicals. On ice!

  5. Ugh! I HATE milk. Seriously. For every word you just wrote professing your love of milk, my stomach did a flip-flop.

    So, should we ever meet in person – you can have your milk, and mine!

  6. Kel says:

    I am also a milk addict. I myself cannot stand whole milk or skim milk, I could “get by” on 1% but for me 2% is where it’s at. As a kid I drank 5 BIG glasses a day. now I drink…oh maybe 2 or 3 12oz glasses. I cut it out there for awhile along with diet coke (my other love) and I lost 15lbs in one month…but uh I craved them both constantly. I would rather give up food. So now I just have a policy when I drink a glass of milk I do 30 minutes of tae bo, and that burns off what I just drank. I will die before I give up milk. Once when my husband and I were going through tough times and had $4.00 in the bank, I made my husband spend $2.99 on a gallon of milk. Extreme? Yes but I don’t particularly care.

    • vivian says:

      ive recently developed an intolerance to lactose, which is a huge problem for me since milk is pretty much all i drink ( except for my morning coffee); ill drink as much as 2 litres per day, out of a glass i keep in the freezer, packed with ice- i too, would rather die, than give up milk

  7. Mark says:

    I thought I was the only one addicted to milk I can drink up to a half a gallon of yes skim milk loveeee it nothing better then a big tall glass ice cold…um getting thirsty..

  8. Evi says:

    Oh my god I could totally relate to everything you were saying everytime you described your love for milk. I’m only 16 years old-and I don’t know what happened to me this past year, but I’ve become addicted to drinking milk. I’m perfectly fine drinking fat free, I don’t drink it because I like the creaminess of it unlike you-I basically just replace it instead of water which is terrible. When I’m thirsty, I’m thirsty for milk, if I drink water it will go away, but its milk that I’m craving. To me there is nothing like a glass of cold milk (fat free is my favorite, I hate creamy milk) to replace my water for the day. The problem with this is I used to weigh 105 pounds and now weigh 130 (I’m 5’4) so because of this and the medications that made me gain weight that I started taking – I gained 25 pounds. 😦 I’m now on my way to losing the weight & go back to my normal self- but I’m afraid I’m either going to be forced to be limited to a glass of milk a day (I currently drink a gallon a day) or just cut it from my diet completely until I drop those pounds.

  9. Chris says:

    mate this is me in a nutshell, i am currently drinking at least 2 litres a day, there is nothing like a really cold glass of milk or milo. i also love icecream and cheese. how did u give it up??
    your a stronger man than i.

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