2009 A Blog Year in Review

Good-Bye 2009. Glad To See You Go.

2009. What a year. And yes, before we start, I realize that I have been ignoring my blog. But I’ve made no New Year’s resolution to blog more or anything like that. Why? Cause I don’t believe in resolutions. If I’m gonna blog more, I just blog more. Period. End of story. Anyway… I decided that I would do a Me and the Blue Skies 2009 restrospective, listing some of the more interesting posts from 2009.  Anyway, rather than listing a post from December, since I hardly posted anything anyway, I thought I’d start off we a holiday recap.


December 2009 – It was a white Christmas and then the rains came and washed it all away. Yes, NJ had a rare white Christmas this year.  I hate snow. I hate the shoveling (I have a huge property line), I hate walking the dog in the snow, and I hate driving in it. But it sure was pretty. And when it first came down, while the snow was still wildly swirling in the air, it really was a beautiful sight to hold. For just a moment, I felt like a little kid again. Then I realized how much shoveling I needed to do and reality slapped my on my butt… Oh well…

I almost didn’t have a Christmas tree this year. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no Scrooge, but I didn’t see any sense in it since it was only going to be Dave and me in the house. But at the last minute, I bought myself a pre-lit white Christmas tree. (I’ve secretly always wanted a white fake tree.) Anyway, I decorated itwith old school glass ornaments and it looked fabulously retro. I couldn’t have been happier.

The man of the house and the turkey he just carved.

November 2009 – My daughter, Heather, and her fiance, Aaron bought their first home in December. They left me with an empty nest but I still couldn’t be happier. Take a look at their home here. They even hosted Thanksgiving in their new home. They worked really hard to get where they are today. They deserve all the happiness they can find. I couldn’t be prouder or happier. I love them both.

October 2009 – My dog Sissy died and a little part of me died with her. I’ve had that dog since she was 6 weeks old. I remember holding her in one hand. She was a princess and a bitch, a lover and a  friend and I never thought I could feel so strongly about a dog but I sure did with her. It’s been only 3 months and I still miss her terribly. I fear that I am going to be like Mr. BoJangles (a song from the 70’s) where after 20 years I still grieve over the dog. Someone once told me that God put dogs on the earth to remind us how precious relationships are and how short our time on earth is together. It’s a awful lesson to learn.

October 2009 – I was in Village Playbox’s production of “And Then There Were None.” I played William Blore.

August 2009 – My stepfather, and the only real Grandfather my daughter has ever known, passed away.  Al was 20 years my mother’s senior but he was a man full of energy. They were married for 33 years. He was a hard worker and a good man – strict and sometimes unyeilding – but always good. And he treated Heather wonderfully and she loved him dearly. We miss you, Al. And someday, hopefully, we’ll meet again.

July 2009Pig Roast at Cork Restaurant. Our favorite restaurant serves up pig on a slab. I’m in hog heaven!

June 2009 – Brown Eyed Gal wins my One Year Anniversary contest. Besides having one of the coolest blogs around (check it out here), she won one of the coolest prizes ever, an Out of the Box Sampler! I buy my daughter a sampler every month and she loves them. She’s purchased lotions, air fresheners, and candies all because she’s discovered them in her Sampler Box.

Also in June, friend, school teacher, fellow actor, and all-around nice guy, Matthew Simberg shoots for the stars and almost makes it. Matt entered the KJP modeling contest and although he didn’t win, he came in the top 20…out of like 2,000 entrants. Amazing. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Matt is a hottie.

May 2009 – My friend, Sandy, opens a diaper cake business with her mom.  Who knew diapers could look so tasty?

April 2009 – I purchase the Meandtheblueskies.com domain name and move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Woo Hoo!

February 2009 – Doing Shakespeare with the Collingswood Shakespeare Company.

January 2009 – Obama wins the Presidency and ushers in an “Era of Responsibility,” but no Super Bowl for the Eagles.

Well there you have Me and the Blue Skies year in review for 2009.  And what a crazy year it has been.  I’m sure I’m not the first one to say “Good Riddance!” to 2009 and I hope that 2010 will be better for all of us.  I really do appreciate all my readers (yes, I’m talking to all three of you), and I hope you will continue to read and enjoy my blog all throughout 2010!


5 thoughts on “2009 A Blog Year in Review

  1. catt says:

    Hey A+ on the blog.. I always enjoy reading your blog.. Keep up the awesome job.. I wish you health, wealth and Happiness for the new year.. Shh!!! Secretively I’ve always wanted a white fake tree too. I might go for it next year..

  2. I’m telling you, 2009 was one craptacular year. It was so bad for me that for the first time in years, I stayed up until midnight with some friends just to make sure we saw it leave. I also drank if you can dig that. And Anthony stayed up so he could throw those little noise popper things, too.

    Here’s to much better things in 2010, a year in which, according to ’50s science fiction, we should all have plastic houses and flying cars 🙂 Let’s make it a good one, Preston!

  3. I must say you can’t complain about how busy you were during the year. Kind of a year like mine. A little here and a little there. Nothing exciting. Hope your 10 is more exciting

  4. Seems like 2009 was good to you in many ways !

    I had a great year. I accomplished a lot but on the blogging side, I slowed down as well – Infact I shut down the blog for some back end re-furnishing.

    I haven’t even opened my RSS reader in months !

    All the best in 2010

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