Iced Coffee from PomWonderful

But There’s No Pomegranate Juice In This Coffee

Do cool ads make a cool product? We shall see...

Do cool ads make a cool product? We shall see...

The folks over at PomWonderful are at it again and have been kind enough to send me some samples of POMx, their new iced coffee.  Since Heather, Aaron, and I are BIG coffee lovers, we were very excited to give these iced coffees a try. Adding to the excitement is that these coffees are not only good tasting but are good for you as well, chock full of antioxidants.  Reading right from the bottle’s label:

Stimulating health benefits include POMx an ultra-potent, 100% pure polyphenol antioxidant extract.  Every smooth sip is masterfully brewed from ethically sourced Rainforest Alliance Certified, premium Italian-roasted Arabica beans, then blended with reduced fat milk for a heavenly, creamy taste.

Well you just have to be impressed with a statement like that.  We love healthy, environmentally friendly products, but being a person who works in marketing, I know that pretty words do not necessarily make a pretty product.  The proof is in the pudding, or rather, in this case, the iced coffee.  The only way to know for sure is to give it a try.

We received two samples each of the Chocolate and Cafe au Lait flavors along with a letter that said they enclosed a coupon for a free Vanilla version, but alas, no coupon was enclosed.  So this taste test will be for the two flavors that we did receive…


Chocolate POMx Iced Coffee

Aaron – It tasted like sweet, chocolate soy milk to me.  Note:  Aaron is a man of few words. He likes chocolate soy milk so this was a good thing.  He did add that he did not taste any coffee flavor at all.

Heather – Tasted kind of like a caffeinated malty Yoo Hoo or Ovaltine.  Could not taste any coffee flavor.

Me – It reminded me totally of a thick glass of Ovaltine.  I love Ovaltine so I was quite pleased with the taste. Could not taste any coffee flavor.

Overall Reaction – Sweet and tasty, as a chocolate drink it was very good.  As an iced coffee drink, it had no coffee flavor and was disappointing.  We all agreed that if this was a blind taste test, we would never, ever have guessed it was a coffee drink.

PomxCafeCafe au Lait POMx Iced Coffee

Aaron – Not overly sweet.  A nice, light coffee taste.  Note:  Aaron said that many bottled iced coffees are way too sweet for his taste and this was just right.  He would definitely buy it.

Heather – Less sweet, coffee flavor.  Note:  Heather also enjoyed the less sweet taste.  Even though she prefers stronger tasting coffee, she enjoyed the drink and would drink it again.

Me – Nice, rich, not-too-sweet coffee flavor.  I enjoyed this almost as much as the chocolate flavor and appreciated the less sweet taste.  There was a little left in the second bottle this morning, which I finished off before going to work.  It’s a perfect breakfast iced coffee.

Overall Reaction – We all liked the coffee taste and really loved that it was less sweet than other iced coffee products on the market.  APomx1ll three of us would buy this if we saw it in the store. (The suggested retail is $2.99 which is about the same price of other similar iced coffee beverages.)

In addition to being pretty tasty, POMx Coffees are rich in antioxidants and earth friendly at the same time, which is something we like very much.  All three of us recommend these beverages with one little warning, if you want iced coffee, steer away from the Chocolate flavor and go for the Cafe au Lait.  If you want a great chocolate drink with the added “buzz” of a coffee drink, then the Chocolate flavor will be right up your alley.  For more information, check out their website at www.healthybuzz. com.


4 thoughts on “Iced Coffee from PomWonderful

  1. catt says:

    I enjoy your blogs all have a nice a special flair to them.. I will see if I can find the POMx Coffee to taste.. Now give me your feedback on: Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea.. It can be found at Wawa for $1.59 a bottle.. Do a taste test for me.. Then give me your true feedback … I have been on Pom since reading your blogs.. I find this tea refreshing.. I can even say I feel better (healthier)since I started my Pom drinks.. I also drink the Sobee Pom drinks..

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