I’m Still Alive

And So Is This Blog!

This Blog Is Not Yet Dead!

This Blog Is Not Yet Dead!

So I know it’s been a while since my last post, but this is not totally unexpected.  My play, Village Playbox’s production of And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, opened this weekend and I had rehearsals from Sunday through Thursday, then shows on Friday and Saturday. Whew, it was crazy. I was so worried about not only learning my learns but that the rest of the cast would have their lines learned in time as well.  My fears were for not because we managed to pull it off!

And then there were none...I'm front right.
And then there were none…I’m front right.

We did have a little snafu with the lighting, but other than that, the show went pretty well.  Our biggest audience was Friday night with Saturday’s attendances being slightly sparse.  That was also to be expected as that was labor day weekend.  A lot of people in this area head down to the jersey shore.  Even the local bars were empty… and I mean EMPTY, as in cricket city…

Beelzebub in one of his less-known forms
Beelzebub in one of his lesser-known forms

After the show on Friday we all went to Applebee’s to celebrate with a bite to eat and a couple of drinks.  When I left around midnight, my car was dead.  I called Heather and Aaron.  The came with jumper cables but the car would not take the jump.  I called my friend Steve and woke him up from a dead sleep. (Bless his heart) He came with his buddy, Tim, and they determined it was the starter.  The drove me home and I had it towed Saturday.  $520 later, it was fixed and I had it for the Saturday Evening show. It sucks, but, at least it’s fixed.

We decided to have a BBQ on Sunday. I invited Linda, Steve, Amy & Juan, and Scott & Sean, who brought their friend, Jack. Jack is a real cutie and a nice guy to boot.  Heather made potato salad and beans, and we grilled pork chops, ribs, and hot dogs. I also made a really nice rum punch.  We put the radio outside, listened to music, and chowed down. Everyone had a great time.

I decided Monday was my day of rest so I sat around in my shorts and watched old movies all day long.  I even managed to do a little laundry.  But I did nothing else. I figured I deserved it.

But now it’s back to work and back to the blog. I still have a brush up rehearsal Thursday, a show Friday, and two on Saturday and then it’s all over.  Sunday I leave to go to Ocean City to spend three days with Amy and Juan at their beach rental. It’s a mini vacation! Woo hoo! I really enjoy hanging around with these guys so we are going to have a blast.  Of course, they are staying the whole week and I will only be staying until Tuesday.  But it’s great that they invited me. I am so looking forward to it.

buy_americanLast, but certainly not least, I have a public service announcement that you must all pay heed to.  Ann over at The Ann Tucker Blog has written a post about buying American.  While this notion is not new, I think it is something we tend to forget.  I’ve heard all the arguments, too, from poor quality to it’s too expensive.  Well, Ann’s found out a little secret that will let  you buy American and save money too.  So now you have no excuse. Support America. Buy American. Go read Ann’s post, One Light bulb At A Time.

PS – As I type this, the Phillies are leading the Washington Nationals 5 to 3 in the 9th!  Update: Bases loaded, 1 out, Nationals at bat. Argh! Update2: They pulled it off. It was a nail biter but they won!


7 thoughts on “I’m Still Alive

  1. Good to hear you’re still alive. I’ve been busy as well.

    And hey, the Dodgers are leading the D-Backs in the 9th after scoring 2 in the 8th. Gotta brag about my team, too 🙂

  2. Congrats on the play, I hope you enjoy your mini vacation! I saw the remake movie set in Africa called 10 Little Indians. Loved it. Always wanted to read the book and see the original.

  3. catt says:

    I enjoy reading your blog.. I like your style of writing.. Its like we are there with you on whatever your venture is.. So keep up the great writing.. Oh! yes the bars in my neck of the woods was empty too. I’m thinking the bar was empty as there was double duty on the MR.Policeman this weekend.. Cheers!!

  4. Glad your production is a success. I’d like to say Break a Leg, but would that be bad luck? And your blog production is still a worthy one. Hang in there. We’ll keep coming back…

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