Eagles Sign Michael Vick

And Lose the Pre-season Opener


I raced home after rehearsal last night to catch the end of the 3rd quarter of the Eagles’ pre-season opener. I switched on the set to see the Eagles were trailing considerably behind the Patriots. In true Eagles fashion, they fought back, trailing by only 2 points with less than a minute left in the game. Unfortunately, David Ackers missed the 40+ yard field goal attempt and we lost the game. As I was just about to turn off the game, an announcement came that big, shocking news was coming from the Eagles camp: The Eagles had signed dog killer Michael Vick! (Yup, that’s how they announced it, “dog killer.” And yes, he is a dog killer.)

philadelphia_eagles-3778Now it wasn’t so shocking that Vick was signed. I expected some team to sign him; however, it was shocking that the Eagles signed him. Since I live in the Philly area, this is really BIG news.

The news broadcast started with the same “dog killer” title and went into details about Vick’s arrest and the violent treatment that dogs suffered at his hands. They continued on about how he had spent 18 months in jail and how many speculated he would never play football again. But play he will and for the Philadelphia Eagles, none-the-less…

The big handsome Dave

The big handsome Dave

I’m a big dog lover. I currently own 2 Dalmatians and have had many different dogs as pets throughout my life. What Vick did to those dogs (and allowed others to do in his presence) is reprehensible. I cannot imagine someone doing those violently, heinous things to a dog intentionally.

Yet Vick did just that. But Vick was also arrested and convicted for this crime. Sentence was passed and Vick did the time. It does not matter whether you or I think the sentence was appropriate. It is what the courts decided was appropriate. Now that he has served his time, he wants to get back to earning a living at what he does best—football. Can you blame him?

Like this year’s Presidential elections, I have never seen a subject so hotly debated where people stood so far apart in their opinions. As I walked by the coffee machine this morning at work, one of my co-workers seemed overly happy. “Glad it’s Friday?” I asked. “No,” he replied. “I’m happy the Eagles signed Vick.” As I neared my desk, another co-worker had taken his cherished Eagles cap and slashed a big X over the logo in permanent marker. A big difference in reaction, huh?

I don’t condone what Michael Vick did. In fact, it makes me sick but I also believe he has served his time and deserves another chance. In our country, I believe people have  the right to another chance. What really bothers me is this desire to continue punishing someone after they’ve been released from prison. How can society function if we ostracize those people who have made mistakes and paid for their crimes?

Now I am not talking about rogues, murderers, and the career criminal. I am talking about the average person who through circumstances and/or life events has made a punishable mistake. I am talking about individuals who can be easily rehabilitated if given the chance. As a nation and a people, if we continue to make these people outsiders and deny them the opportunity to make a living and better themselves, how can we expect them to improve and become a contributing part of society?

scarlet_letter-721205Michael Vick has suffered greatly from his mistake. (And yes, I realize not as greatly as those dogs suffered.) Still he is definitely someone who could be easily rehabilitated and rejoin our society as a functioning and contributing member. I see no reason for branding Michael Vick with a scarlet letter. He can’t turn back the hands of time; he can only move forward.

While I plan no celebrations that he has joined the Eagles, I plan no protests, either. What I do plan is to look forward in the hope that Vick can redeem himself. It’s a chance everyone deserves, at least once.

For another view on Michael Vick, check out  my co-worker Erin’s post here.


4 thoughts on “Eagles Sign Michael Vick

  1. In some ways I agree – he’s served his time, says he’s learned his lesson – give him a chance and let him prove it or show his real side.

    It also speaks a lot to me that Tony Dungy has taken on a mentor role to Vick – makes me wonder if Vick really has learned his lesson and is trying to be a better person – I don’t see Tony Dungy reaching out to the likes of Pacman Jones and Chris Henry.

    Also – his contract is no ‘reward’ as grannyann said above me – as far as NFL standards it’s barely minimum wage – no guaranteed $, and the whole contract is less than rookie Pat White’s contract from the Dolphins. While it’s certainly great $ compared to non-football jobs, it’s not that much in NFL standards.

    Finally-strictly football speaking, he’s a good fit for the Eagles. McNabb hasn’t been able to run like he used to and the Eagles offense fits a run/throw quarterback – so should Vick stay out of trouble, he may serve as a good replacement when McNabb retires/gets transferred/benched/who knows what else.

  2. I’m a Green Bay Packers fan, and they were also considering Vick. And since he spent a lot of time in VA, where I’m from, too, I’ve followed his career for some time. I understand how you can be conflicted. And the “liberal” in me says that he paid his “debt” to society and all. I really don’t know, though, what my reaction would be if he were to sign with my team. Thanks for giving us something to think about today! BTW, Mrs. Scribe has just named you a Superior Scribbler. Please come by to collect your accolades!

  3. Yes Everyone deserves a second chance, Vick has been punished for hos mistakes now if he is willing to turn a new leaf why should not we give him a chance. Hope he comes out well and plays at the of his game with the Eagles.

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