And The Winner Is…

Heather at Nobody-But-Yourself

HeatherblogThat’s right kids, the winner of the Nanny McPhee DVD and the Electronic Catch Phrase game was Heather from Nobody-But-Yourself. I was totally thrilled when picked Heather as our winner. Heather is a really sweetie and I just love reading her blog.  She’s a SAHM who’s been married to her best friend for over 14 years.  But the really great part is that she is from the Garden State!  That’s right, she’s an ex-Jersey girl. Besides, anyone who names her blog after an e.e. cummings quotation is A-OK in my book!  But wait! There’s even more. (Sounds like a Ginsu Knife commercial, eh?) As of writing this post, her last tweet was “All right, time for chocolate cake. Woo-hoo!” Don’t you just love a gal who has time for chocolate cake at 9:15 in the evening?

For those of you who demand proof, I have downloaded a free screen capture program and recorded the whole process.  Here is the first screen that gave me the winning number from

wAnd here is the winning comment from the contest post:


I really do want to thank everyone who entered the contest and helped move Matt up the charts.   Although we didn’t get him up to 5 or better (so there was no bonus Target Card), we certainly did help cement his standing in the top ten.  He is currently ranked at number 9 with 3,538 votes. That is only 4 votes away from dropping down to number 10 .The contest is good through August 18th so please keep on voting for him HERE.  Every vote counts!!

On a very sad note, my stepfather passed away at home with loved ones by his side on Thursday afternoon, August 6th. This is why you have not seen any new posts from me.  It has been difficult for all of us, especially my mother. I will be following up with a post dedicated to him shortly.


5 thoughts on “And The Winner Is…

  1. Oh Preston, I’m so sorry to hear about your step father, I will send some extra prayers your way. ::hugs::

    Congratulations to Heather! I’m voting for Matt every day, I really hope we can help him win!

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