You’re Appreciated! Winning Has Its Advantages

One Year Anniversary Contest Runners Up


Well it’s been over a month since my One Year Anniversary Contest and I am finally getting around to the You’re Appreciated! post dedicated to my runners up.  Even though it took me a while to get to it, it doesn’t mean these are not deserving blogs.  On the contrary, I think you’ll find them to be a very interesting and eclectic group of bloggers.

Each of the runners up got to pick three posts which I would then feature in this post.  I think they all came up with some pretty cool stuff.  The three runners up were Wendy (aka Swirl Girl) from Swirl Girl’s Pearls, Debie from A Devonshire Design, and Erin (and Nick and Merrick) from The Many Days of the DiCarolis Family. So without further ado, let’s check out those winning posts…

Swirl GirlSwirl Girl from Swirl Girl’s Pearls is a self-proclaimed Domestic Goddess.  Her motto is “It may not always be real pretty, but it will always be pretty real.”  And her blog stands up to those words.  In The One Where She Says ‘Adios’ To Her Ass, Swirl Girl makes the most of Homer Simpson’s butt.  Actually, this Dec 31, 2008 retrospect post is jammed full of links to posts in her blog that best represented her experiences in 2008, thus expanding her three featured posts into dozens.  Clever girl!  She tries to deal with her 9 year old’s questions about womanhood in It’s Women’s (Business) Time featuring a flashback involving Elton John. Her Wednesday Randomness post involves everything from Tags to Drive Thru ATMs to Why Men Don’t Have the “Gasp” Gene. Swirl Girl likes to cover it all.

Deb PicDebie from A Devonshire Design blog claims that she’s designing her way out of the corporate life. Her blog looks like a pretty package wrapped in black and red polka dots and sealed with two red bows.  She also runs Devonshire Design Ltd, a company in East Windsor, NJ that specializes in interior decorating, interior rearranging, and home staging.  In a Current Staging Project – it’s all perspective Debie explains the work she is doing on a cute, three bedroom home.  She openly discusses her issues with IBS in Off To The Ladies Room… and Kudos to Debie for saying it out loud! The Staging Day Video post features a before and after staging video proving that if you’re looking to spruce up your home and live in the NJ/NY area, you should be beating down Debie’s door for assistance.

DiCarolisErin, who writes The Many Days of the DiCarolis Family, says she’s been smiling since ’04.  I love her blog header with the pics of her, Nick, and Merrick. It makes me smile every time I stop by, which I enjoy doing frequently.  In her “Do as I say, and not as I swear.” post, Erin proves that children do listen to what we say, even when we don’t want them to. In WW – Here fishy fishy Merrick learns that sometimes fish can be very short term pets. Out of the mouths of babes is illustrated quite nicely in Quotes from a 2 year old.

Well there you have it, three very different bloggers with three very different styles of blogging.  I hope you enjoyed your visit with my contest runners up as much as I enjoyed visiting them.  Stay tuned next week for another exciting installment of You’re Appreciated!


4 thoughts on “You’re Appreciated! Winning Has Its Advantages

  1. You are so wonderful for doing this for us! We love reading you too. Now let’s all keep up the good work…and continue to have fun doing it all.

  2. Thanks for the prize! Not only do I get some new readers at my place, I get to check out some new people too! See how this bloggy thing works like that?

    Thanks again!

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