POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice – Put Some POM Wow in Your Life!

Pom Superhero2To be quite honest, I was a little leery when Molly over at POM Wonderful sent me an email offering to send me free bottles of their pomegranate juice to try with no strings attached. Hey, I’m all about free stuff. Free is my favorite color and flavor, and it always seems to fit perfectly. BUT (and this is a BIG BUT), I was a little afraid of pomegranate juice. Would I like it?

My daughter, Heather, has been nagging me to try pomegranate juice. She’s all about healthy. She insisted that pomegranate juice was the Dr. Pepper of juices. (So misunderstood) Besides, it’s loaded with antioxidants. It’s good for your heart and prostate and even improves erectile function. (No comment) With all that in mind (and since it was free), I agreed to try the samples. Even though it was “no strings attached”, I decided that I would blog about my findings, regardless of whether I liked the stuff or not. Shortly afterwards I received a package of eight 8 oz double-bubble shaped bottles full of a very dark red juice…

Aaron, the guy who likes his POM Wonderful straight up

Aaron, the guy who likes his POM Wonderful straight up

After we got the bottles nice and cold, we decided to do a taste test. Both Heather and I could only get through about 1/3 of the bottle and had to stop. It was a bit tart for the both of us, although we agreed that we liked the flavor – it was just very tart. On the other hand, Aaron guzzled his down and smacked his lips. He gave it a big thumbs up and said he would be happy to drink it regularly.

Heather & Aaron, the two other taste testers

Heather & Aaron, the two other taste testers

Not one to give up so easily, I sat at the table sipping on my sparkling water trying to come up with other uses for this unique juice when it hit me. I sometimes add a little OJ to my sparkling water to liven up the taste, so why not add a little POM Wonderful? After a small trial and error period, I discovered that 4 ozs of POM Wonderful, 6 ozs of sparkling water, and ice makes a very tasty and refreshing beverage. In fact, I had a second glass because I liked it so much.

Encouraged by my initial success, I was determined to create additional uses. For our fourth of July picnic, I made a beautiful fruit salad of plums, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and watermelon. To add extra zing, I poured in a bottle of POM Wonderful and let it all marinate over night. POM Wonderful added such a zing to the fruit salad, making it a big hit. I had achieved success number two.

Since I believe good things come in threes and I still had two bottles left, I needed to come up with another big hit. As I sat home last night munching on Heather’s homemade shepherd’s pie, I was having a small craving for a Cosmopolitan. We are big cosmo fans but, alas, we had no cranberry juice. But what a minute! We did have some POM Wonderful.

The Pomopolitan created by Yours Truly

The Pomopolitan created by Yours Truly

Being the pseudo bartender that I like to pretend I am, I quickly mixed up my own concoction which I proudly call the Pomopolitan. I lined up three martini glasses (garnished with a lime, of course) on the table and called Heather and Aaron over. Three Pomopolitans each later, we decided that my creation was our new favorite cockatil, offering a richer, tastier flavor than regular Cosmopolitans. The recipe is oh so easy:

2 1/2 parts Vodka

1 part Triple Sec

1 part POM Wonderful

Juice of 1/2 lime

Pour ingredients into cocktail shaker full of ice and vigorously shake for 10 seconds. Pour into chilled martini glass and garnish with a lime. Remember, the better the vodka, the better the drink. (This applies to pomegranate juice, too, so stick with the POM Wonderful.)

I can proudly say, and without prejudice, that I am a fan of POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. Some of you may enjoy it straight from the bottle and others may prefer to mix it with sparkling water or vodka. Whatever you do choose, it’s a delicious way to contribute to your body’s health.

For more information and a boat load of food and cocktail recipes that use pomegranate juice, click here. And please note that although there are a ton of pomegranate juice cocktail recipes, there is none for a cosmopolitan style cocktail. That’s right kids, the Pomopolitan is a Preston Brooks original!


13 thoughts on “POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice – Put Some POM Wow in Your Life!

  1. Oooh, that sounds tasty! I’ve seen those bottles in the grocery store, but have never tried it because it is really expensive compared to boring, old OJ. Maybe I’ll have to give it s try sometime when I am in the mood (and have the extra $) to splurge! I love tart – drink cranberry juice straight, for example…

    Congrats on inventing a new drink – it’s got a good name, too! 😀

  2. Funny post! We did one that was way to serious, my partner went off on a rant about something.

    I’m with you, too tart. Needed to mix it with something. Brian however loved it straight up and finished off all the bottles.

  3. Haha! “I’m a big fan of pomegranate juice…as long as I can liquor it up”

    Although I could always use a little help in the erectile function department…it’s so hard to get up in the morning sometimes…that’s what you mean, right?

  4. wellthenhowaboutthisone says:

    Well, aren’t you the creative one?!

    It sounds like the sort of drink I would prefer diluted, too, not to mention the fact that you’re getting more bang for your buck (assuming all your future bottles of POM are not free).

    And it’s fun to say.


    JD at I Do Things

  5. Those are some great uses! I LOVE pomegranate juice and would drink it regularly if it wasn’t so dang expensive. But it’s a treat I like to indulge in once in a while. When I get the big bottles I usually limit myself to about a half glass a day to spread it out and make it last. (though I could guzzle the whole thing myself) One of my favorite drinks is the Crystal Light Cherry Pomegranate. Delicious, I definitely recommend it. 🙂

  6. bigmamacass says:

    Thats the only way I can drink it is in a Martini too. And when I was pregnant, I had it once with pineapple juice, a splash of seltzer water and a little squeeze of lime. A friend made it for me and I loved it. Haven’t had one since though. Although now it sounds good! 🙂

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