Merryfield’s Bar in Oaklyn, NJ. Amazing Food at Unbelievably Low Prices

Amy and Juan. But not at Merryfield's cause like a big dope I forgot to bring my camera.

Amy and Juan. But not at Merryfield's cause like a big dope I forgot to bring my camera.

I went to Merryfield’s Bar & Lounge in Oaklyn, NJ with Amy and Juan yesterday and had the most amazing meal for practically nothing! In case you weren’t aware, this is where my daughter is a waitress. I go there often for their awesome wings, $3.25 Blue Moon drafts, Monday night $6,95 dinners, $7.95 oysters on a half shelf, and literally dozens of delicious food specials. They don’t have a website but you can read reviews here or here.

Over the 3 day holiday weekend, Merryfield’s was running a couple of cool specials: 3 Maryland-style, hard shell crabs for $10 and a 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 lb. steamed lobster with corn and potato for $15.95. Great meals at super great prices. Heather worked Friday and said that she had a hard time selling the specials because people already have their favorites and that’s what they like to order. People are strange or at least set in their ways…

Anyway, Amy called me yesterday on the way home from work to see if I wanted to join her and her boyfriend, Juan, at Merryfield’s for the Monday night $6.95 dinner specials. I was happy to come along. The $6.95 dinner menu consists of meals like Chicken Parmesan, Shrimp Scampi on pasta, Meatloaf, Spaghetti and Crabs, and sometime a Queen Cut Prime Rib. These specials do not include salad or bread but at $6.95 each, who cares?

Not the lobster I had cause I didn't bring my camera.

Not the lobster I had cause I didn't bring my camera.

When we got there, the 4th of July specials were still on the menu board. I sat there debating whether to get a $6.95 dinner, the crabs, a lobster dinner, or some combination of the group. As a glanced down the handwritten specials menu that I was given, I discovered that both the crabs AND the lobster dinner were on the $6.95 menu. To say we were all excited would be a huge understatement.

CrabsAmy still wanted to order the Calamari, which was $2 more than the crabs or lobster. Crazy, huh? We each ordered the 3 crabs special to have along with the calamari. The crabs were cooked in Old Bay Seasoning and were served chilled. These were huge crabs and took us quite a long time to disassemble and eat as we each had three to tackle. They were so good that we barely spoke or touched our drinks during the feeding frenzy.

Amy and I ordered the lobster dinner which consisted of a huge steamed lobster, twice baked potato, and checkerboard (yellow & white) ear of corn. The lobster was cooked perfectly and the claws were already cracked for us. I easily pulled out the tail and savored every buttery dipped bite. Juan orderd the Queen cut prime rib which was a nice size (amazing size for $6.95) and cooked just as he liked it.

When we finished, my belly was full and my hands smelled like crabs and lobster. I half didn’t want to use the wetnaps because I was enjoying smelling my hands. I’m a sicko. So, we had two beers, one iced tea, an order of calmari, three orders of hard shell crabs, two lobster dinners, and a queen cut prime rib dinner all for $65 and change. That’s right folks. There are no words in the English language to describe how we felt. Elated. Euphoric. Ecstatic. Overwhelmed. Delirious. Enraptured. In Seventh Heaven. Okay, so there are a few words.

Now don’t run to Merryfield’s on Monday night and expect lobster and crabs cause that sure was a once-in-a-lifetime deal. But they do often have the Prime Rib on that menu, you get 5 fairly large shrimp in the shrimp scampi, and the meat loaf is amazing. On Tuesday nights, they feature poker and a $12.95 steak dinner menu including a 5 – 7 oz. filet and a cowboy ribeye. The $12.95 dinners include salad and bread. Wednesdays feature pasta specials and Thursdays are for Seafood Lovers.

I really don’t understand why people are not lining up outside the doors of Merryfield’s. Even though it’s a local-yokal bar and may not be the prettiest inside, it’s unpretentious and the food is awesome, the prices unbelievably low, and even the drinks are priced reasonably. What else can you ask for? If you’re in the area, stop by. You’ll probably find me at the bar and my daughter waiting tables. See you there.

Merryfield’s Bar & Lounge is located at 1208 White Horse Pike in Oaklyn, NJ. Their number is 856-854-3799 but no reservations are required. They currently don’t have a website so you just have to remember the following: Mon – $6.95 Dinners; Tuesday – $12.95 Steak Dinners; Wednesday – Pasta Specials; and Thursday – Seafood Specials. CASH ONLY – NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED.

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4 thoughts on “Merryfield’s Bar in Oaklyn, NJ. Amazing Food at Unbelievably Low Prices

  1. Oh wow, I love lobster and I only seem to get it when I am on either the East or West coast. Your post really made my cottage cheese, that I just ate, seem yuck.

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