You’re Appreciated! Brown Eyed Gal Wins My One Year Anniversary Contest

thanks_graphics_10It was a close race but Danielle over at Brown Eyed Gal won the Super Deluxe Out of the Box Sampler in my One Year Anniversary Contest. Congratulations Danielle! Her prize ships out July 1. (They go on sale July 1st so if you want one, you better hurry over to their website before they sell out. I order one for Heather every month.) Danielle was so excited when she won that she wrote me this in an email, “YOU have made my day!!! WOW…Im just so excited I can hardly stand it. (it is about 2am here in MI and I almost woke my husband and son up! LOL)” I’d say that almost waking up the hubby and kid at 2 am would definitely count as pretty darn excited.

brown eyed

What’s even more exciting is Danielle’s blog, Brown Eyed Gal.  Her subtitle is “a little bit of this….and a lot of that!” I love the way her blog looks, especially the colors. The ruddy oranges, soft blues, muted olive greens, and the clay-like tan colors in her blog are earthy tones often found in southwestern motifs, yet the blog design has a scrapbook feel to it. The header font looks like buttons and I really like the balloons and bluebird on a branch that remain stationary as you scroll down the blog.  It’s clean, pretty, and easy-on-the-eyes…

brown 1Danielle’s blog is definitely a little bit of everything.  Danielle is a stay at home mom who blogs about her son and her hubby but does not limit her posts to just her family.  She recently ran a contest for a soy candle. She participates in Wordless Wednesday.  She blogs about house projects, recipes, and enjoys passing along blogger awards.  A very recent post, 6 Candles on a Cake, is a family post, celebrating her son’s 6th birthday.  She chronicles the day starting with Roan’s favorite breakfast and then ending up at Jungle Java for some indoor fun. Even Dad gets into the act on the big slide.  The big highlight is when Roan gets to wear the “Magic Crown” during his party. A great time was had by all!

In Change, Inspiration, Simplify Danielle talks about what most of us would like, a totally new makeover for the home.  The problem with that dream is that we all seem to have too much going on in our lives to make the changes in our homes that we’d like to make.  In an effort to meet this challenge head on, she plans to list all her projects on her blog.  Read about her efforts and then follow her blog so all summer long we can nag her into getting her projects done.

I can be an obsessive collector. I’ve collected coffee mugs, shot glasses, Beanie Babies, Magic-The-Gathering cards, and 50s/60s barware, but flowercup2this isn’t about me.  Danielle is also a collector. She collects tea cups! In Tea Time Anyone, she highlights some of the beautiful tea cups from her collection. Go take a look and then don’t blame me if you end up with a tea cup collecting obsession. (I actually have 3 tea cups myself.)

I hope you all had fun during our little visit with the Brown Eyed Gal. Enjoy your Super Deluxe Out of the Box Sampler, Danielle. It’s chock full of neat little goodies, just like your blog!


9 thoughts on “You’re Appreciated! Brown Eyed Gal Wins My One Year Anniversary Contest

  1. wellthenhowaboutthisone says:

    Aw, what a nice post. I was all ready to begrudge the winner and be all sarcastic, but Brown Eyed Girl sounds awfully sweet. Congratulations! And now I’m off to check out her site!

    JD at I Do Things

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