Am I A Bad Person?

I've been a bad, bad boy! (or have I?)

I've been a bad, bad boy! (or have I?)

So last night I went to Blockbuster to feed my latest addiction-buying previously owned movies. I was specifically looking for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. (Lycans are Werewolves) This is the third movie in the Underworld Series, which involves werewolves and vampires. I knew it was out on DVD but the last time I was at Blockbuster it was not out on the “Previously Viewed but Now For Sale” shelves. I was hoping I would get lucky. To my giddy, movie-addicted pleasure, it was now for sale as previously viewed.

blockbuster-logoBlockbuster has been running an ongoing special where all previously viewed dvds marked $9.99 are 4 for $20 and all the ones marked $14.99 were 3 for $20. Unfortunately, the promotion changed so that all $14.99 movies were now 2 for $20. I was aggravated at the price increase but my excitement over wanting to watch the movie overrode my cheapness. I decided to buy it anyway…

I'd be a Lycan as long as he was the one who bit me.

I'd be a Lycan as long as he was the one who bit me.

I still had to buy another $14.99 movie because you have to get 2 in order to get them at 2 for $20. There were a variety of good movies that I hadn’t seen yet, and I almost picked up Valkyrie when I stumbled upon some Samuel Jackson movie with a funky picture. Having never heard of it (and the name escapes me now as the movie is home and I am not), I decided to throw caution to the wind and get it.

Being the good little addict that I am, I had to check out the $3.99 movies where I selected a probably more obscure horror movie. It’s an even bigger risk but I like most zombie/vampire movies so even if it sucked, at $3.99 it won’t kill me.

Road to el doradoI then sauntered over to the new movies where I came across the animated flick Road To El Dorado. I’ve seen this movie several times in the past but never on widescreen. It was only $9.99 so I decided to get it. I was scanning the rest of the new (and not previously viewed) movies as I headed for the check out counter when I saw the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds.

worldsSince I never saw this version, it was in widescreen, and I didn’t get Valkyrie, I decided to add it to my pile of movies. I walked up to the register and handed the clerk my booty. “I really liked Rise of the Lycans,” he exclaimed with an enthusiastic grin. “It’s as good as the first two.” I smiled back replying, “I’ve been waiting for this to appear on your Previously viewed shelves but last time I was here they were 3 for $20.” “I know,” he frowned, offering no other explanation as he rung up my selections.

“$41 something,” he said to me as I handed him my Visa card. “Is that right?” I replied as it didn’t seem to add up properly in my head. “Yup,” he said as I signed my name on the receipt. I left with my movies. As I was driving home, it still didn’t add up properly. “Two movies for $20 plus two movies for $10 each and another for $4 (after rounding) makes $44 before tax,” I thought to myself. Maybe one wrung up cheaper.

mathWhen I got home and looked at the receipt, I discovered that he had not charged me for the Underworld movie. Since the receipt only had one $14.99 movie instead of two, the Samuel Jackson movie rung up at $14.99 instead of $10.00. So I didn’t exactly get Underworld for free. Instead, it cost me $4.99.

I stood in the kitchen debating whether or not I should return to the Blockbuster store to tell them that they undercharged me $5.01 plus tax. It was nearing 9:00 and I knew that if I didn’t start the movie soon, it would not end before 11 pm. And I really wanted to go to bed as close to 11 pm as I could.

I decided to keep the movie and consider it a bonus from Blockbuster. After all, I would have to use my gas to drive back to Blockbuster and then spend the time explaining it to the clerk, who probably would have thought I was nuts. Plus, it would be too late to watch my movie when I got back. I know they’re lame excuses, but any port in a storm.

So here is the big question: Does this make me a bad person? Is this stealing? Should I have gone back to the store to point out the mistake? What would you have done? Leave me a comment because I really wanna know. In any event, I really enjoyed the movie regardless of what I paid for it.


14 thoughts on “Am I A Bad Person?

  1. Marti says:

    He LIKED you, he really LIKED you! Seriously…it sounds like you give them a lot of business,,and you DID question the price, so not to worry..enjoy!

  2. Debby says:

    I would not want to get the clerk in trouble but I would have to go back and have a whispered conversation with him. If it was a mistake then he needs to be able to correct it. If he was trying to be helpful since you both liked the movie and the price had changed before you were able to purchase the movie (which I think happened) then just thank him and buy something else! Sometimes those of us in retail try to help out a regular customer who ‘missed out on’ a sale price and creative billing is how we get around not being able to ring up the item at the old sale price.

  3. I agree with Kim. You asked right in the store if it was correct or not. You gave him a chance to double-check and he did not. I absolve you of any responsibility for this mistake. Now go forth and enjoy your movies!

  4. I agree with the previous commentors. I think he was trying to help you out. He may have felt bad about the price increase or he may have just been nice to a fellow fan. You did ask about the total so it isn’t like you were trying to get over on something.

  5. hells no it don’t make you bad! sheesh…we pay up the ass for late fees anyways!!! come see me…I’ll be at SitsCation too! I saw you on the sitscation network site!!! yahoo! i live here in vegas.

  6. wellthenhowaboutthisone says:

    I refuse to believe you’re a bad person, because if I do, then I’m a bad person, too. A few years ago, I bought 2 DVDs at Sam’s Club, and didn’t get charged for them (they got lost amid the giant toilet paper rolls and 25-lb. cat food bags). I didn’t realize it till I got home. But that was more than $5; it was probably more like $30. Now I’m starting to feel guilty.

    I love buying cheapo movies at Blockbuster too. I LOVE War of the Worlds, and now I’m interested in the Underworld series. Especially with that sexy Lycan!

    JD at I Do Things

  7. Boy, this sounds like me buying loads of movies until I started playing video games! lol I think you’re fine for not speaking up. I usually judge things by my guilt factor: if I feel super guilty about it, I go back. lol Have a great day!

  8. I don’t think it makes you a bad person. I went back into Target once from the parking lot because I’d gotten to my car and realized that they hadn’t charged me for one of the shirts I bought. If I’d gotten all the way home, I don’t know that I’d have bothered to go back. I don’t think it would have made me a bad person if I hadn’t figured it out while still in a reasonable place to resolve the issue.

  9. Mr. Mougee says:

    I agree that you are not a bad person for not having gone back. You questioned the accuracy of the total at checkout, and the clerk declined to double check it. It was their mistake, therefore their loss. It was, at that point, absolutely your prerogative to go back for a corrected total or not, AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. Even if you decided to go back in a day or two, after enjoying the video, you would have been justified.

    In my opinion, even if the clerk had not brushed off your initial attempt to correct the total at checkout, you would still have been justified in later going back or not. Why? Because chains like Blockbuster are much too focused on profit, and not enough on accuracy and customer satisfaction. Not to mention that nowadays it’s just too complicated to add in another trip (to one’s already hectic life) back to a store to correct a mistake. Even if the mistake had been in their favor, either way, it would have been a hassle to correct the total and restore the correct amounts to the concerned parties.

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