2009 Male Face of Kiel James Patrick Model Contest


June 10, 2009 by MrBlueSkies

The Next Male KJP Model, With a Little Help From You

The Next Male KJP Model, With a Little Help From You

Explore Modeling is hosting the 2009 Male Face of Kiel James Patrick contest. Some of you may be wondering who is Kiel James Patrick. Kiel James Patrick is a designer who has his own fashion line, called KJP featured on his own website. Mr. Patrick describes his fashion vision as, “Our vision is prevalent in the wholesome and traditional values that give luxury living sophistication.” Who knew sophisticated luxury living was wholesome too?

So why should you and I care about this modeling contest? If you’ve seen my picture, you know that I certainly don’t have the wholesome, luxurious look of sophistication. But someone I know does have that look. His name is Matthew Simburg and he’s entered this contest…

matt2Take a good look at that face. Is that not a smile that would put Donny Osmond to shame? Is he not the embodiment of sophisticated wholesomeness? Do you not want to pinch those cute cheeks? Put him on a spoon and eat him as an hors d’oeuvre? (I’ve met this guy and let me tell you something, he’s more than an hors d’oeuvre.)

Besides being a 6′ something all-American hunk who wears funny boxer shorts, he’s also a pretty decent guy to boot. He’s a grade school teacher. (Think Kindergarten Cop without the overblown muscles or accent.) He also acts in community theater and that’s where I met him. We did Measure to Measure together with the Collingswood Shakespeare Company. (It’s how I know he wears funny boxer shorts. But I digress.)

Anyway, as of writing this post, Matt is #49 out of a bizillion or so entries. I don’t know if he’ll make it to #1 but he has been steadily climbing up the charts. (He was 71 earlier this week.) I decided to post about his efforts in an attempt to help him. How will this help? Well the winner is decided by viewer voting.

That’s right folks! You can help Matt zoom up the chart by voting for him here. You can place one vote each day. My suggestion is that you click the link and vote for him now. After voting, bookmark my post and then go back and vote for him every day. The contest runs until August 18 so if enough of us do this daily, he might just win. Or at least get in the top 20.

Come on. Do the right thing. Help a starving model out. Okay, so maybe he’s night starving but he could have been. Teachers don’t make that much money, especially private grade school teachers. And if he wins, you can proudly announce to the world that you helped the famous KJP model, Matt Simberg, get his start in modeling. Hey, it’s all about the bragging rights!


4 thoughts on “2009 Male Face of Kiel James Patrick Model Contest

  1. Jaina says:

    I’m off to vote for him now! I hope he wins!

  2. […] into the “Male Face of KJP ‘09″ modeling contest. Not too long ago I wrote a post about his efforts encouraging my readers to go and vote for him.  At that time his ranking was 71.  As of the […]

  3. […] and all-around nice guy, Matthew Simberg shoots for the stars and almost makes it. Matt entered the KJP modeling contest and although he didn’t win, he came in the top 20…out of like 2,000 entrants. Amazing. […]

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