You’re Appreciated! The Only Thing that Separates Us from the Animals is Our Ability to Blog


Welcome to another installment of You’re Appreciated!, the blog post where bloggers can be appreciated with no strings attached. Today I am featuring three of my favorite bloggers so naturally I have included one of my favorite quotes in this post’s headline. It’s really an easy one. Can you guess what movie it’s from? the word that blog replaced? The actress who said the line? (I gave you a hint by saying “actress.”) Since all of the featured bloggers are women, it seems only right that my featured quote would be from a women in a movie that most guys would call a “chick flick.”

I can’t say enough about my three featured bloggers. They produce well written, sharp looking blogs. They make me laugh. They get me thinking. They make me want more. Take a look at their list of followers and you’ll find out that I’m not the only one craving for extra helpings of their bloggy goodness. Since the beginning of my blogging days, I have been following these blogs around like a little lost puppy dog, snarfing up bits and scraps of blogging ideas. With all the wide-eyed, puppy dog adoration I can muster, here they are…

NGIPWhat can I say about Nanny Goats in Panties? Don’t you just love the name? And with a byline, “eliminating all hope for world peace…one post at a time,” you know Margaret’s got something funny brewing. This blog has been awarded with 50 million blog appreciation awards and was nominated for Best Humor Blog over at Blogger’s Choice Awards. For what to do with shelf liner and chocolate pudding on your floor, check out 10 Alternative Uses for Shelf Liner. Of Lollipops and Near-Death Experiences chronicles what happens when Tootsie Pops go bad. And while some guys name their cars, I had no idea women named their beds. Read about “Phil” in her Nocturnal Admissions: When Pillow Talk Goes Too Far post. And check out her Nanny Goats pictures. There everywhere.

sleeping cat buttonHow can you not love a blog that’s titled, I Do Things So You Don’t Have To? You’re almost obligated to love it. The blog header features a claw-foot tub full of bubbles, with JD’s curley-haired head sticking out of it with a red rose clenched in her teeth. You know this gal means business. Curly hair issues? All it takes is a zip-loc bag and a green bow in I Suffer for my Hair. You’ll never look at cereal and marshmellows the same way again after you read, I Eat Cereal Marshmallows. And finally, Trini Lopez may have lawsuit if he ever reads I Make Fun of People’s Afflictions-in Song!  Thanks JD for doing things so we don’t have to!

KathysmallI’ve acutally featured Kathy from the The Junk Drawer in one of my early posts, prior to any of my You’re Appreciated posts, but I felt she deserved to be a part of the You’re Appreciated family.  Originally started as a technical tips blog, Kathy shifted focus to humor pieces because that’s what her readers liked most. The idea of what my blog would be about (the sky’s the limit) is somewhat modeled after her theme (dig through the drawer).  Step Away From The Kitchen is a recent post about why it’s important to remove all the packaging BEFORE you start cooking.  Pick A Card, Any Card shows that searching for the right card can be an adventure in itself. And instead of a third post, you can take a look at my original review here. And while you peruse her blog, check out her cleverly different annual What’s That? contests.

There you have my three favorite-ist, funny-ist, clever-ist, cute-ist, bloggy blogs. Whether you feel like dressing up Bovidaes in unmentionals, coercing someone to do things that you don’t want to, or commandeering the drawer in the kitchen that has EVERYTHING in it, these blogs have it all.  Stay tuned next time for another fabulous edition of You’re Appreciated!


7 thoughts on “You’re Appreciated! The Only Thing that Separates Us from the Animals is Our Ability to Blog

  1. wellthenhowaboutthisone says:

    Thank you!!!

    I’m thrilled to be appreciated, especially among the company of two of my favorite bloggers, ol’ Margaret Nanny Goats and Junk Drawer Kathy. I do love the way you do this (and not just ‘cuz I’m mentioned this week). It’s nice to pick out a few posts and highlight them. I’m always hoping people will check out some of my past “things.”

    Anyway, thanks again!!! (And thanks for being my Facebook friend, too!)

    JD at I Do Things

  2. Wow, Preston! I’m so touched and flattered by this post. Thank you thank you thank you! And to be in such great company as JD and Kathy with their fabulous blogs, I’m beside myself with awshucksism.

    You are a sweetie and a half – MWAH!!!!

    – Margaret

    p.s. what the heck movie is that quote from? I read some book once by a psychologist (it might be Stumbling Into Happiness, or something like that) and he (or she? I don’t remember) said that every book written by a psychologist starts with “The difference between animals and humans is —-” and they each have their own different theory. And I don’t know why I brought that up other than your quote reminded me of it. Anyway, it sounds like something Dolly Parton (or maybe Olympia Dukakis) would have said in Steel Magnolias.

    So who and what was it already?????

  3. Preston! You’re such a sweetheart. Thank you for the shoutout. You put me in such good company. I have no idea where that quote came from, but it sounds like Nanny Goats is on the right track. I don’t know why I think it’s “… our ability to sing.”

  4. Your blog is so nice! The layout and all! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier this week. I will have to check out these recommendations too!

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