Facebook: Jumping Face First Into the 21st Century!


Yes, folks, I finally did it. I joined Facebook. I know I said that I would never join Facebook or Twitter or any of those other crazy networking social groups but my friend, Linda, joined and asked me to join, so what was I to do? It’s a lame excuse, but it’s all I got. (Cause good friends do things like that.) In reality, I felt like I had finally made the jump into the 21st century–face first, that is.

Joining Facebook really is quite an experience. After joining, Facebook automatically started to make “friend” recommendations based on my locale and workplace. Co-workers and friends started popping up like crazy and within ten minutes I had a dozen and a half friends. After letting Facebook search my email and IM accounts, my friends list expanded exponentially. Ok, well maybe it didn’t expand that much, but it certainly was easy to find people I knew. And for them to find me, too…

After the dust settled a little and I sifted through all me new friend emails, I started to check out Facebook in more detail. It seems that once you are friends with someone, you are connected to them and everyone they are friends with. They see your activity and you see theirs. They make a comment and I can comment back and they can comment on my comment and so on. In fact, I can comment on someone else’s comment to someone else’s comment, which had nothing to do with me in the first place. It’s like the Faberge Organic Shampoo commercial from the 70’s on steroids, “I’ll tell two friends and they’ll tell two friends and so on…

In a world which increasingly requires instant gratification, Facebook fits right in. The internet provides instant news, cell phones provide facebook1instant contact (text messaging), GPS gives us instant directions, and now Facebook gives us instant socializing. Yes, there are other social groups out there, like Twitter (I’m not familiar with) and MySpace, which is full of teeny boppers. Facebook gives you a more adult alternative.

Facebook is less about glitter graphics, music snippets, and detailed history as it is about what’s going on today-in your world-as mundane or exciting as it may be. A nice feature is the ability to make announcements that everyone can see. So what announcements did I see? Things like, “I’m making spaghetti for dinner tonight,” “I just finished a 5k run and boy am I tired,” “I took my son to his first ballgame,” and “I stayed home from work today.” (I made the last announcement.) As you can see, there is nothing earth shattering.

Nothing earth shattering but definitely newsworthy. I was excited to hear my friend was taking her son to his first Phillies game. That is totally cool and I might not have known if I wasn’t on Facebook. And yes I like to congratulate anyone who runs 5k without being chased. And I love spaghetti so had I been closer, I’d have been at the door with my fork and the grated cheese.

tracyturnbladYes, people can do silly stuff like taking tests that tell you what female musical movie character are you most like, (I was Tracy Turnblad. Don’t go there) but all in all, Facebook offers us the opportunity to connect with friends, co-workers, and family in a casual, friendly way — for all the world to see or at least, those on our friends list. Are you on Facebook? Look me up. I’m always game for a few new friends.


10 thoughts on “Facebook: Jumping Face First Into the 21st Century!

  1. Facebook is so addicting – even though it is becoming a bit ridiculous with all the quizzes and whatnot. I love connecting with people I haven’t seen in 10, 15, 20 years. I’ve even made a few professional connections. It’s crazy to think how we managed all these years without it 🙂

  2. Already added you, home slice.

    MySpace is definitely for the younger crowd–real young (and those creepy older guys who watch Hannah Montana). I only log in whenever I get an alert and those are pretty rare these days. It’s more of a popularity contest than anything; I’ve known people on FB for years via blogs, work, or just as [real] friends.

    Enjoy the community! And don’t forget to promote each new blog post via the “Add A Link” link. Signing up for Twitter helps, too, but because you’re limited to 140 characters, use TinyURL to shorten the URL before you post 🙂

  3. I think I have enough to do just blogging. I also do computer work for my son’s many websites. I think I signed up for Facebook once but never go back and do anything there.

  4. Facebook is a pretty cool social network. I joined not too long ago, but I don’t log in often unless I get a random message out the blue. I have a small amount of friends on there, so.. I absolutely agree it’s a different and better social network than myspace, although I’m on there too and have reunited with many old high school classmates on there, then again I had my myspace for awhile. I’m starting to like twitter too, I just really got the hang of how it works. In a sense it offers the same updates as facebook, depending on the friends you’re following as in replys, not bad at all though!

  5. OOOH I got rid of mine. There are people out there who seriously couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t add them as my friends and they even sent me numerous emails about it. So I deleted it. I then got a phone call from an old friend asking what she had done to offend me. I hate people.

  6. wellthenhowaboutthisone says:

    Facebook has proven to be a fun time suck. I’ve stuck with it longer than I thought I would, and play on it more than I do Twitter. I sent you a Friend request. BE MY FRIEND!

    JD at I Do Things

  7. I’m visiting from SITS. I also reluctantly joined facebook at a friend’s request. I still don’t totally get it, but it is fun catching up with people I haven’t seen in years!

  8. Sorry, but I just do not have the time or energy for one more thing. I said no to MySpace, then Facebook and now Twitter. I blog. I do one thing that I love, to the best of my ability and leave it at that. And I really don’t have that much to say that I need all those outlets to say nothing in, lol!!

    I love the new look and setup! I guess you’re in the big time now, huh??

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