You’re Appreciated! I’ll Have What She’s Blogging


It’s time for another You’re Appreciated! post where yours truly (me) serves up three fresh and tasty blogs for my readers’ sensory pleasure.  For any newbies out there, 2 – 3 times a month I feature three bloggers who intrigue, amuse, excite, and/or educate their readers with flair, heart, humor, and sometimes a little itty bit of naughtiness. I showcase 3 different posts from each blog to help give you a sampling of each blog’s flair. And if you haven’t already noticed, I take a famous line from a movie and change one or two words from it into some form of the word “blog” and include it in the post’s headline.  Can anyone guess what movie and what line is featured today? Leave a comment if you know it and don’t forget to visit the feature blogs and tell them that You’re Appreciated!

Now onto the featured blogs…

tinycatpantsAt the Tiny Cat Pants blog, Aunt B’s motto is “Is there anything funnier than tiny cat pants?” In reply, I would have to say that the only thing funnier than tiny cat pants is the Tiny Cat Pants blog. I recently discovered her blog by accident so all of my favorite posts are current ones.  I really loved her post regarding local slang and the usage of the phrase, “Over To.” Make sure when you stop over to her blog, you read it. Who knew that Hasbro meant “for boys?”  Check out the Well, it Has “bro” post to see why Pink Ouija boards are ridiculously stupid.  Anyone who writes an Is Wednesday “Ignore Jesus” Day at Planned Parenthood? post gets my vote. And it’s a smartly clever piece to boot.  Since the Andy Griffith show, I’ve always wanted an Aunt B and this is one Aunt B you’ll be glad to visit over and over.

afternoon break2The Afternoon Break is a random blog started by an Aussie bloke named Chris — or Christ depending on which credit card of his you are looking at. I love random blogs as much as (0r even more than) themed blogs and Chris has a good one going here, even when he falls into a slightly homophobic stupor over a mate whose girlfriend had “brought back sexy” to his Wardrobe in Bringing Sexy Back!? No. You Are Not. Personally I think it’s just a fog & mirror attempt to get free beer. And you gotta respect that.  Chris also rants about women in power, specifically one woman in power, in his short but very amusing Good morning little Chris post–amusing if you’re a woman who has ever worked for a sexist male boss, that is. Remember folks, Chris is an Aussie so this is a manly man’s blog. Manly, yes, but I like it, too! Can you guess what commercial that line is from?

religious-opressionLast, but certainly not least, is Slaps Upside the Head, an award winning Canadian blog that is “combatting bigotry the gayest way I know.” Canadian gay men are hot. Damn, did I say that outloud?  Even if you are straight, you will enjoy Mark’s artwork and his insightful and sometimes humorous slant to ridiculously homophobic news events like Canada Heads Effort to “De-Gay” Figure Skating. What’s next? Ball Room Kick Boxing? You may also enjoy his scandalous revalation, Research Shocker: Gays Don’t Vote Conservative! I was almost as shocked as I was when I found out Clay Aiken was gay! I love the artwork in this blog and one of the funniest pieces of art is arguably from his A Gay Ol’ Retirement Home post. I will never look at coffee beans the same way again. Thanks for taking up our cause, Mark. And if you are ever in NJ, stop on by. I make a mean martin and I think Canadian accents are hot, too. Damn! Did I say that outloud also? Unfortunately, comments are disabled on this blog.

Well there you have it, folks, another installment of You’re Appreciated!


6 thoughts on “You’re Appreciated! I’ll Have What She’s Blogging

  1. I really have to sit down and read your blog. I love the format and all the “articles” to choose from. Something to keep me entertained for some time. Thanks! Popping by from sits 🙂

  2. wellthenhowaboutthisone says:

    I love your “You’re Appreciated” posts because you clearly READ these blogs and have something to say about them. I’m going to check out the second two, after I finish laughing over Tiny Cat Pants.

    JD at I Do Things.

  3. mrblueskies says:

    Thanks, JD. I really do read the blog I list on these posts. It’s really hard to keep up with them all cause there are so many great blogs out there. This was one way of keeping my blogroll from getting so long. You can also check out my You’re Appreciated! Links page which lists all of the blogs featured on You’re Appreciated!

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