You’re Appreciated: Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Going to be a Bloggy Night


It’s Friday and that means it’s time for You’re Appreciated, my weekly serial post where I share my favorite blogs with you, my Me and the Blue Skies readers. Today’s featured bloggers consist of a pretty eclectic mix: A multi-authored blog, a daddy blogger, and a gay teen from NJ (Or a different suburb of NY. Sometimes I get confused on that point.) Each blogger brings a rather unique perspective to their given blogs and offers up some very intriguing, thought provoking, and just plain funny posts…

neatorama-monkeyI just love the NEATORAMA blog. What first caught my attention was the neatorama header, which is totally neatorama. Secondly, anyone has a chance to post on the blog, which in itself is pretty neatorama. You simply place a prospective post on their Upcoming Que page and the neatorama readers vote on their favorites. The ones with high votes get placed on the front page of the blog. The FAQ page spells out all the details.

Since just about anyone can write a post, the posts themselves are a pretty cool mix of subjects. Did you know that Bendable Concrete is now being manufactured? I really enjoyed the 10 Things Science Fiction Got Right post. And can you believe that they just recently reached their 20,000th post? How neat is that? Actually, it’s neatorama!

EricThorI’ve been following Thorspace, A Gay Blog on and off for quite some time now. It’s written by a gay guy but it took me a little while to figure out that it’s written by a 17 year old gay guy. (The What College Should I Go To posts kinda gave that away.) Anyway, this kid has got it totally together, much more so than a lot of much older bloggers do. He’s a pretty smart cookie too and regularly posts video rants and raves.

As a gay man who hated gym and rarely had a sports moment in the sun, I could totally relate to his A Gym Story Post. Being gay often means you need to be political, even at 17. His McDonald’s Boycott post shows that Eric’s pretty savvy when it comes to politics. And lastly, I had to show his Miss California Parody because I so wanted to do one and never got a chance. Even his comments on this parody shows a political thought process well beyond a 17 year old.

outnumberedOutnumbered is a Daddy blog written by Jason Mayo and once you read this blog, you will never say, “hold the Mayo!” again. But seriously, this guy belongs to a Daddy Blogger group and really adds an interestingly (and very specifically) male perspective to the Mommy Blogger clogged world of child rearing.

His most recent post, Death Match: Manowar Vs. Jonas Brothers… had me cracking up. As a father of a little girl (who will be 30 this year), I could really appreciate the dialogue between him and his daughter. His Decision ’09 post about wanting to be the Hottest Daddy Blogger was sweetly hysterical. No comment on the moustache ride. Lastly, only a guy could equate puking with growing up but Jason does it so poignantly in his My Little Girl is Growing Up post. If you never read another Daddy blog again, you need to at least read this one.

Well there you have it, a pretty cool group of blogs for you to check out over the weekend. Don’t forget to stay tuned next Friday for another installment of, You’re Appreciated!


7 thoughts on “You’re Appreciated: Fasten Your Seatbelts, It’s Going to be a Bloggy Night

  1. Nice assortment of blogs…I’m definitely checking out the Miss California link.

    Now that I’ve gotten a chance to poke around, I really like the new layout. It’s easy to navigate and so much more sassy than the norm.

    • mrblueskies says:

      Ah the old “he was drunk” excuse. LOL Glad you liked my blog selection.
      “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary
      – George Orwell

  2. Well aren’t you awesome? Thanks for the kind words. That pretty much made my day. To return the gesture, I’m adding your awesome blog to my blogroll. Welcome to the Out-Numbered family! Cheers.

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