Bea Arthur & Dom DeLuise – Thanks for the Laughter

Screen shots of Bea Arthur and Dom Deluise from Mel Brooks' History of the World

Screen shots of Bea Arthur and Dom DeLuise from Mel Brooks' History of the World

Gosh, I must be getting old. First, Bea Arthur passes away near the end of April and now Dom DeLuise has passed away on May 4th. Both of these comedic icons have given me years and years of laughter and the world will be a slightly less funnier place without them. So here is my little tribute to these truly comedic giants.

My love affair with Bea Arthur started with Maude, when she first appeared on All In The Family. And when the network spinned off Maude into her own show, I was hooked. Bold and brassy, Bea took Maude to levels that had not been seen on TV before nor could have been accomplished by a lesser talented actress. I loved it when she would get that look of contempt on her face and say, “God’ll get you for that, Walter!”…

God'll Getcha for that, Walter!

God'll Getcha for that, Walter!

After leaving Maude, Bea eventually found her way to The Golden Girls with a stellar cast including former Maude co-star Rue McClanahan, Betty White, and the late Estelle Getty. Golden Girls ran for 7 years garnishing Bea an Emmy in 1988 to go along with the Emmy she had won previously for portraying Maude.

Golden Girl Dorothy Zbornak

Golden Girl Dorothy Zbornak

Later on in life, I discovered that Bea was the original Vera Charles in Mame on Broadway. She won a Tony Award for that performance. She also recreated the role of Vera for the movie version with Lucille Ball.

Dom and Burt in a scene from The End

Dom and Burt in a scene from The End

What can I say about Dom DeLuise that would give him justice? The guy cracked me up. One of the best memories I have of him is from the movie The End with Burt Reynolds where he and Bert are rolling on the ground in each other’s arms. I’m still laughing just thinking about it.

They hurt Buddy! Let's get 'em, girls!

They hurt Buddy! Let's get 'em, girls!

Dom knew how to take the funny fat guy and make a career out of it. Whether clowning around with Johnny Carson or Dean Martin, portraying a major role like the egomaniacal Melvin P. Thorpe in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas or stealing the scene with a bit part like the gay director Buddy Bizarre in Blazing Saddles, Dom threw himself into each role with a tongue-in-cheek gusto. His laugh was infectious. Take a look at the outakes from the credit reel of The Cannon Ball Run with Burt Reynolds:

Thank you Bea and Dom for the many years of smiles. I think I can hear them laughing and applauding in Heaven.

8 thoughts on “Bea Arthur & Dom DeLuise – Thanks for the Laughter

  1. Hey there
    Enjoyed you blog, and I have read a few of the other ones as well. Take a look at my blog:; a tribute to Bea Arthur (
    I’d love to dialog with you about perhaps placing a link there so my readers could take a look at what you’re doing.
    Again, keep up the suburb work!
    Aaron Myers

  2. Much like Jonathan Winters, DeLouise was naturally funny, and there aren’t many folks out there like that these days (although Winters is still alive). His entire dialog in “Blazing Saddles” is quote-worthy.

    He’ll be missed. Definitely.

    • mrblueskies says:

      I agree totally.
      “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary
      – George Orwell

  3. It really is sad that we lost both of these legends, but they’ll alays be remembered on film. Now that I think about it, first Sopha went, now Dorothy..hmm..mother, then daughter. just found that intersting…lol

    • mrblueskies says:

      Yea, it got me thinking of more comedic celebs that have gone away. Remember Tootie Fields? or how about Flip Wilson?

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