Your Appreciated: Blogs That Make You Go Hmmm

thanks_graphics_10When I first started my blog, I wanted to have a serial post that I would do on regular intervals.  I was thinking something on the lines of a weekly poetry post or monthly movie review or a Sunday Dinner Dish recipe post.  Anyway, that never happened but I did start a You’re Appreciated post where I would feature and link to three blogs/bloggers who I thought my readers might enjoy reading as much as I do.  I was getting so many awards (cause I’m so fabulous!) and tags and I simply didn’t want my blog to be nothing more than a blog award stepping stone.  This was a great replacement. It gave the blogs I liked a link that helped them with their google page rating, hopefully sent them some new readers, and required NO RECIPROCATION.  Well I’ve brought it back and plan to have it as a regular serial post on my newly, redesigned, slightly less blingy but certainly still fabulous blog.  Now on to my three selections…


Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like a dead pony!

Cake Wrecks is absolutely one of my favorite blogs. I read it regularly.  With a slogan like, When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong, you know you’re in for a good time.  Just look at the cake pictured here. I’ve heard of My Little Pony but My Little Dead Pony? Come on, guys. What child wouldn’t want a dead pony cake for his or her birthday? I also love the absolutely hilarious and yet somewhat creepy Easter Cake post that features a bleeding eye bunny cake and a cake that looked like what the offspring would be if the Easter Bunny mated with a Gremlin-after it had gotten wet.  Another funny and yet strangely scarey cake is the one made to look exactly as the Bride in her wedding dress. It looks just like her except for the enlarged busom.  It’s pictured with the bride and groom preparing to cut into the cake and the look on the bride’s face is priceless! After reading this blog, you’ll never look at supermarket cakes in the same way.

sharingWhen I first started blogging, I accidentally stumbled upon the I’m Learning to Share blog and it quickly became one of my favorite blogs to read.  It’s a cool, kitschy blog. It’s host, Jim Leonard, describes himself in this manner:  A lifetime of movies, cartoons, records, comics, bad teevee and lots of other ephemera ‘n’ junk has left me happily unfit for a normal life in the real world. – – And so here I am.”  If you love old time movies, cartoons, advertisements, and blast-from-the past celebrities, you’re in for a BIG treat.  I absolutely adored his tribute to Ruth Buzzi and give him props for admitting that he had the “hots” for her.  Another post featuring a 1956 Christmas Night (mare) magazine spread truly captures the kitschiness of that era.  There is so much packed into his blog it’s amazing. Look for his Ertha Kitt tribute, old Archie Comic Books, and Chubby Checkers hidden in his blog. Jim, you da man!

Taylor's never ending quest to find mac & cheese as good as her mother makes.

Taylor's never ending quest to find mac & cheese as good as her mother makes.

 Another blog I came across early in my blogging life and read regularly is Mac & Cheese, a blog full of food reviews, recipes, rants, and raves from the Delaware Valley.  It’s written by local gal, Taylor, a vegetarian since 1989 and one pretty cool chickie-pooh to beat.  I’ve often thought of being a vegetarian but I just love meat too much to give it up. Don’t get me wrong–I love veggies, too. Give me a big old plate of brussels sprouts and, man, I’m in heaven. Anyway, I’ve been trying to get her to do a vegetarian restaurant review in South Jersey so you all need to go to her blog and leave her a comment telling her that she needs to do that.  And while you are there, check out her Onion and Goat Cheese Puff Pastries which are so incredibly easy to do and totally delish. Pretty enough for a party but easy enough for every day.  Also check out her review of Tinto, one of Jose Garces restaurants in Philadelphia. Linda and I went to Tinto for her birthday. I was going to blog about it. I even took pictures. But I had one too many Margaritas and that post never happened.  But enough about me. Go to her blog and tell her to come to South Jersey. I’ll even buy her dinner if she does. (Boy, I’m getting generous in my old age.)

Well I hoped you enjoyed this week’s three selections. I’ve got plenty more blogs to share with you so keep a look out for the next edition of You’re Appreciated!


7 thoughts on “Your Appreciated: Blogs That Make You Go Hmmm

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Preston! I’m such a homebody, that I never make it over to NJ. Sorry New Jerseyans. And then there’s the whole toll thing where they make you pay to get back home.:(

    • mrblueskies says:

      Lorenzo, I wanted my own domain name and those that had theirs used WordPress. Plus I found a template in WordPress that I really liked. But there is and and they are two different programs. I use dot com and it does not allow for additional plug-ins or themes beyond what they offer so I can’t use things like commentluv or advertising like Adsense. But it’s easy and they host my domain and I can do minor customization for a small fee. Blogger on the other hand, is totally free and very easy to use but I was tired of the look and wanted something different.

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