Measure For Measure Trailer

One of the cast members, Jim, has a friend who does film. He aggreed to put together a little trailer for our upcoming show, Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure. It was filmed a few days before I left for Orlando and when I went to rehearsals last night, Jim had a copy of it. This morning when I got up, I had an email from Jim included the link to the video on Youtube. The trailer is below:

Not too shabby for a little Shakesepeare Theater Group located in South Jersey, eh? It was filmed at the American Legion Post which is why you see so many flags in the background. We didn’t have all of our costumes yet, but all in all, it looks pretty darn good. It’s gotten me even more excited about the show and I wish you all could come and see it.

We open this Friday, the 13th. Yup, just like the movie. Perhaps it will be good luck for us. I have a bunch of friends who are coming to see the show Sunday and we are all going out to get something to eat afterwards. I also want to add that it really is a great cast and as a newcomer to their organization, they have welcomed me with open arms. Thanks guys and let’s all go break a leg this Sunday!


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