A Quickie

Just a quick hello to say that I have returned safely from Orlando and am still crazy buys. I still need to sort through all the leads, announce the winner of the contest, and process all the requests. In addition to that, I had to race home from work today, walk the dogs, slurp down some soup, and make it to rehearsal by 6:00 pm. I got home a little after 10 and had to walk the dogs again. I’m about to go to bed but I just wanted to say hello to all you folks out there. Please don’t give up on me. I promise not to abandon my blog.


2 thoughts on “A Quickie

  1. Cacai M. says:

    ohhh.. you’re busy, busy as a bee.. hehehe.. me too been busy nowadays, anyway, take ur time and we’re here ur readers for u!

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