Greetings From Orlando!

I’m on my lunch break and on a computer at an Internet Cafe inside the NAFEM Show at the Orange County Convention Center, South Hall. Was that a mouthful or what!? The show is going well and although we were a little slow yesterday, we are much busier today. The “Super Hero” theme is very popular and we’ve given away a lot of our “comic books” and “Super FMP” t-shirts. So far, I’m pleased.

The weather has been cool to cold. I’m glad I bought a winter jacket because I’ve worn it every night. It’s supposed to be warmer today but I have been inside the show hall so I am not sure of what the weather is like. We are taking clients out to dinner tonight and we will be eating on an outdoor covered patio that overlooks a like. There are this be heater towers on the patio and the restaurant assures me that we won’t be cold. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Well I better get back to the booth and make sure everything is going well. I’ll be back on Sunday and of course, will be thrust into tech week for my upcoming play, Measure For Measure. Hopefully, I’ll get to study some lines tonight. Bye for now!


7 thoughts on “Greetings From Orlando!

  1. Erin says:

    I didn’t think of it until I read your first NAFEM post; I should have shown you how to set up your cell phone so you can post text and photos to your blog from wherever you are. Then you’re not slaved to a computer.

  2. Mystery Man says:

    sounds like you’reh acving fun. cold enough for you? lol and to think you ;eft the north hoping for it to be warm down in fL…lmao

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