Weight Loss – Evil Temptations

The call of Temptation – I will not answer!

I hate to admit it but not only did I gain twenty pounds after I stopped smoking but I gained an additional ten pounds during the Christmas holiday for a total of 30 whopping pounds. I haven’t been this heavy since I lost 72 lbs back at the end of 2003! I was seriously distressed over this enormous weight gain and Linda and I vowed to lose weight together in 2009.

I was 200 lbs on 1/7 and today, one week later, I am 192. (Just don’t tell Linda because it upsets her that I lose weight quicker than she does. She says it’s because I’m a guy and it’s not fair.) Now I know what you folks are gonna say, “It’s not healthy to lose all that weight so fast.” I’ve heard it before and all I have to say is “phooey!” I am not really dieting, just adjusting my eating habits. No more late night snacking. No more take-out. Eating healthy snacks or lower calorie snacks instead of fattening ones. Eating smaller portions. And in addition to the changes in my eating habit, I’m walking 40 minutes every day at lunch.

So you see, I’m not overdoing it. I’m being sensible. But sometimes it’s hard. Today, our evil Publications Coordinator (Karl) brought in three tins full of raisin oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, m&m cookies, peanut butter cookies with a Hershey kiss in the center, chocolate covered peanut butter balls, chocolate bark with cashews, and an assortment of chocolate covered pretzels–all hand made by his lovely (and evil) girlfriend, Barb. (See, Linda is not the only one I call Evil)

As I stood drooling over them, I decided to take pride in the amount of weight I have already lost and not lament over the bounty of goodies that were tempting me to eat them all. No, I will not partake! I am not denying myself anything because I’ve already eaten many of Barb’s homemade goodies in the past, so I already know how good they are. Besides, I have a sneaking suspicion that Karl brought them in just to save himself from turning into a Macy’s Day Parade balloon.

The thought that I am on track and moving in the right direction is much better than a hastily taken indulgence which will only cause me guilt and regret later. When I finally reach my goal, the man in the mirror will be a lot more appealing than a silly old cookie or piece of chocolate. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


28 thoughts on “Weight Loss – Evil Temptations

  1. Kat says:

    With our technology…I want a magic pill.

    Have you seen the movie “Defending your Life?” I love the part about how in heaven you just keep eating…

  2. sandy says:

    Good for you! I’m working on it too. Temptaion sucks! I’m trying to be strong but it is not easy. Keep up the good work:)

  3. heathersister says:

    You go boy. You show those cookies who’s boss. Get a bag of pretzels or an orange and you will be fine.

    Why do you think they send that stuff in? To be nice? Oh, no. It is to torture you and you have overcome. I am so proud!!

  4. Rachael says:

    Amen to that, Preston! Congrats on your weight loss so far!

    I hate trying to lose weight in the winter…it’s like it is counter-intuituve for my poor body. It’s cold as hell, and all I want to do is sit inside, eat oatmeal cookies, and watch old movies on Turner Classics!

    Oy, I need some serious motivation!!!

  5. Preston says:

    Kat – Who doesn’t want a magic pill? And I am counting on heaven being one long buffet table!

    Erin, nick and merrick – You said a mouthful! (LMAO – I couldn’t help myself)

    Sandy – Thanks. It sure ain’t easy but I’ve gotta stick to it.

    Heathersister – Yes! The cookie is no longer my master…woo hoo!

    Rachael – My motivation was that 90% of my clothes no longer fit me. And I love TCM. I watch it all the time!

  6. The Blonde Duck says:

    Cookies still kill me. That’s why I keep everything I like out of the house. Otherwise I’d literally have to be on the treadmill 24/7.

  7. JD at I Do Things says:

    When I used to work in an office, “office food” was always the hardest to resist. It sounds like you’re being sensible. Congrats on losing 8 lbs. already! Can you send me some of your will power?

    JD at I Do Things

  8. Dave says:

    Been there and done that, dude. But it sounds like you’re heading in the right direction so my hat is off to you.

    I’m currently trying to get to 190 by my birthday–it’s exactly one month away–so I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ve been doing some researching on weight loss, hence my lack of posts at HolographicMeatloaf.com. Rather big news will be coming soon…

    But like you, I know who’s boss. Just remember that you control the food, it does not control you. And if you ever need to get motivated, hit me up! I didn’t lose 90+ lbs. by sitting around whining about how fat I was 🙂

  9. Preston says:

    The Blonde Duck – There are no cookies in my house but these delicious devils are just a step away from my desk at work!

    JD – I’d love to send you some will power but I am barely clinging to the little bit I have!

    Dave – You’ll get to 190. I just know it. I’m gearing for 180 by 2/3. That is 20 days away and 12 lbs. That translates into 4.2 lbs. a week. I think I can do it.

  10. Patty says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss. If you could kick smoking, you’ll do just fine with losing that weight you put on. Sometimes it takes a while, after you’ve lost a certain amount, before it starts showing on the scale again, but don’t give up. I need to cut out my night time snacking again. I was lucky, I didn’t gain any over the holidays, but then I am way too heavy to begin with. Well actually I’m not over weight, I’m just too short. LOL So I guess I need to be put on a stretching machine to make me taller.

  11. SJ says:

    The reason why doctors say it is not good to lose weight too fast is because when you do, you develop a certain ego that makes you think that you are hurting yourself. So you start cheat eating a little, and then a little more and more, until you are overweight again.

    What you have to do is learn how to trick you mind into not thinking that way, which is hard for most people to do.

  12. Mystery Man says:

    good for you! as a fellow dieter…er..healthy eating person, i know how you feel. i’m down 15 since the new year. never in a million years would i have thought i could lose this fast, but i know the brick wall is gonan it soon, especially with mardi gras coming up.

    sure you don’t want a cookie? lol

  13. Tagesgeldkonto says:

    This is very impressive. A friend of mine really needs such a program, but I think he doesn’t have enough willpower.

  14. Kathy at The Junk Drawer says:

    “I am not denying myself anything because I’ve already eaten many of Barb’s homemade goodies in the past, so I already know how good they are.” This is the such a simple, yet powerful, statement. I’ve never heard it put that way, and I shall always think of it when tempted by goodies I’ve had before.

    Congrats on your weight loss so far. I hate to say it out loud for fear of jinxing myself, but I’ve lost 6 lbs in two weeks by not shoving everything I see in my face, and by working out on my Wii. I pray every day I can keep this up.

    Good luck to you for continued success!

  15. Preston says:

    Old Lady Lincoln – Congrats! I know I can do it. I think I just needed to get past the holidays first. Night time snacking is the worst for me and I think getting that under control has helped me a lot.

    Yaya – I feel for ya. I have size 32’s that don’t fit me and 34’s are tight!

    Hula’s Secret Blog – I don’t know about Johnnie but one bloody mary a night hasn’t stopped me from losing weight. Of course, I have the drink INSTEAD OF my nighttime snack.

    SJ – I get that totally. When I lost all that weight 5 years ago, I was seriously depressed and I guess I wanted to hurt myself so I practically stopped eating. This time I feel positive about what I am doing.

    Mystery Man – Congrats on your loss! And yea, you have to be wary of special events but still not deny yourself. If the Eagles get to the SuperBowl, I’ll be parked in front of the tv with a couple of beers and a bunch of Buffalo Wings. Absolutely. But then afterwards, it will be back to sensible eating.

    Tagesgeldkonto – Thanks. You really gotta want to do it more than that darn cookie or you won’t succeed.

    Kathy – Thanks Kathy. It’s a simple philosophy. And congrats on your weight loss. Keep it up on the Wii!

  16. Jan says:

    Well, let me answer the call of temptation then on your behalf. March them this way, please. 🙂 Congrats, on the weight loss. And to think you have not yet thrown your full weight against obstacles to your weight loss plan. You’ll prevail one chocolate cookie at a time.

  17. Preston says:

    Jan – I would love to march them your way. It is so hard to resist them. And you are so right: I will prevail one cookie at a time!

    Renee – As my evil friend Linda says, guys lose weight faster. I weighed in at 192 again today so 8 days and 8 lbs.

  18. Jaina says:

    Congrats on the weight loss, that’s impressive! You can totally do it. And it IS mildly irritating that guys can jump start their weight loss so quickly, just saying 😉 Good job on resisting temptation, you definitely have the right attitude about things.

  19. Jaina says:

    Congrats on the weight loss, that’s impressive! You can totally do it. And it IS mildly irritating that guys can jump start their weight loss so quickly, just saying 😉 Good job on resisting temptation, you definitely have the right attitude about things.

  20. Mystery Man says:

    I’ll be doing the same if the Steelers make it…well, I’ll be parked in front of the tube no matter what, but it’ll be more nejoyable if the Steelers make it. does that make any sense? It did in my head, at least…lol

  21. Preston says:

    Mystery Man – Steelers? Did you say Steelers? And yup, I’ll be parked in front of the tv whether the Eagles make it or not.

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