Ugh! I thought the New Year was a time for new beginnings. Well I just haven’t been able to get myself motivated to do much or maybe the better way to phrase that is “to do more.” The past few days at work have been so busy that they have been literally whizzing by and I am still not caught up. I am supposed to be studying my lines for the play and I am way behind in that. The house is a total mess and it seems like the junk keeps piling higher and higher each day. Somehow I feel like I am drowning in a sea of apathy.

Yea, yea, I know…poor, poor pitiful me. I wrote a poem about apathy when I was 15 years old. Even back then I knew that it was my Archilles’ Heel. And I know the first step in a dealing with a problem is recognizing it. That’s actually the “easy” part. The second step, doing something about it, is the hard part.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve been ignoring my blog so here is my very lame post. It’s 9:30 so when I finish this I can spend an hour or so studying my lines. I’m three days into my diet and I’ve lost 3 lbs. That’s something. And tomorrow I might start to see a ray of sunshine cut through the murky muck at work if I get the shirt samples. (We’re imprinting shirts for an upcoming trade show. The manufacturer discontinued the style we picked and we’re running out of time.) Who knows? Maybe I am making a little progress. Or maybe I’m not. Blah!!!


28 thoughts on “Apathy

  1. Kat says:

    Ahhh…apathy. It’s almost as fun as procrastination. And I haven’t posted since Tuesday. And I usually post 6ish days a week. So, I have been getting emails and comments wanting to know if I am being held hostage 🙂

    I think that January just induces exceptional apathy…

  2. Jerrie says:

    Super post. I totally feel ya. I’ve done the whole “choosing a word” for the year thing…yet I haven’t got the get-up-and-go to get-up-and-do. You would think with not leaving my house in a week it would be clean (I think it is worse)…

    Good luck! Hope you find your motivation (maybe it is with mine – hanging out in the corner on a smoke break!).

  3. Ken @ Dad to Two says:

    I hope everything works out for you. There are some good things happening already, I am sure the rest will fall into place.

  4. TMI Tara says:

    Ugh I hate when I feel apathetic. I’d rather be upset than feel nothing. Hope it passes soon so you can get the lines down for your play!

  5. Dave says:

    3 pounds in 3 days? Slow down! I was losing that a week and…well, you know the rest 😉

    (If you don’t know the story, click my name and find out!)

  6. Rachael says:

    I think the apathy thing is pretty common right now!

    Everyone I know is feeling the same way…and wondering if it is a post-holiday problem, or the weather, or the economy or what…

    In the words of Bill Clinton “I feel your pain.”. Hope you get to feeling better soon and congrats on losing 3 lbs 🙂

  7. Preston says:

    Kat – Ah yes, procrastination, apathy’s dim-witted step brother. I know him well. And I hope you get your ransom paid soon, at least for your readers’ sake.

    Jerrie – Thanks. It figures that my motivation would take up smoking now that I’ve quit. Yikes!

    Ken – Thanks but it will work out I’m sure. I think I have the post holiday blahs.

    Tara – That’s a good way to put it. And yes, I need to light a fire under my butt cause I have to be off book very soon. (Off book means lines must be memorized. No using script during rehearsals.)

    Dave – I know your story well. 🙂 My experience with dieting is that I always seem to lose 5 – 7 lbs. the first week and then it slows down from there.

    Rachael – I think it’s all those things causing the apathy. The thing is I don’t feel bad, I just feel disinterested.

  8. Restyled Home says:

    Just had to pop over and visit. I always get excited to have a new male reader (doesn’t happen that often in my neck of the woods).

    Oh, and congrats on your weight loss. Is it just me, or is it easier for men? It would probably take me a month to lose three pounds!!

    Thanks for visiting,

  9. Preston says:

    Chatty Crone – Thanks. I’ve just started on the diet though. I’ve got a long way to go.

    Needless to Say – Yea, winter doldrums probably. I think it’s called seasonal affective disorder.

    Rebecca jo – Yup. Just gotta get through February and earl March.

    Restyled Home – Thanks for stopping by. My friend, Linda, insists that men lose weight faster. I think initially we lose weight faster but then it all evens out.

  10. Jaina says:

    Congrats on the weight loss. I hope things start to settle down for you, I hate feeling spun like that. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

  11. JD at I Do Things says:

    These last few years I’ve found myself less and less motivated around the first of the year. Apathy and laziness are big problems of mine (if you figure out a cure for apathy, please let me know!) and then you have higher expectations because you’re s’posed to feel all energized and “brand-new-start” and resolute. But then you don’t.

    I hope you break out of your funk. It’s always temporary, right?

    JD at I Do Things

  12. Preston says:

    Jaina – Thanks. I’ve just started on trying to lose weight so I want to keep up the momentum. Unfortunately, I feel like I could eat the keyboard right now. Oh well!

    JD – Yes, apathy and laziness walk hand-in-hand, unfortunately. No cure other than “pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps” as Mr. Reagan use to say… (Yikes, I’m quoting Republicans!)

  13. Queenie Jeannie says:

    I always knew you had a soft spot for me…….but WOW! He loves me, he really, really loves me!!


    Hugs hun!

    Now, get your ass in gear and stop with the apathy already, okie dokie???

  14. Keeper of the Skies Wife says:

    Oh Preston~ I feel ya!

    Hey how the hell did you get rid of 3 pounds in 3 days??? I’ve been eating like almost nothing and I’ve gained!!

    Maybe mine is stress.
    Anyway, congrats on that!!

  15. Preston says:

    Queenie Jeannie – Thanks for the push. I had a really great rehearsal tonight so I think I’m starting to break out of the blahs a little!!!

    Keeper of the Skies Wife – My friend, Linda, hates me because whenever we go on a diet, I always lose like 5 -7 lbs. the first week. I think it’s mostly water plus the fact that I returned to eating regularly (instead of gorging myself like I was during the holidays).

  16. heathersister says:

    Seems like this week has been crazy for everyone. It’s all good. We know you will be back soon or later.

    Good luck with those lines.

  17. Mystery Man says:

    you’re not alone. I’ve been the same way since the year started. feel like such a slacker. might just be the diet and exercise thing i’m on, though that ahs sucked the energy out of me…lol

    i coulddo with a big fat juicy, greasy bacon double…no TRIPLE cheesburger! MMMM….–drools–

    whoops, sorry…guess us apathetic souls need to stick together…lol

  18. Preston says:

    Heathersister – Yea, I think I’m coming around.

    Mystery Man – I am so on a diet and you have to mention big fat juicy bacon burgers? I gotta stick with my chicken burgers and oatmeal. Uh, but not together. LOL

  19. Preston says:

    Lo – Yup, it sure can happen during a diet.

    Tamicks – Thanks and Happy New Year to you. I’ll go and update to your new feed.

  20. Mystery Man says:

    lol isn’t being on a diet fun? (not the sarcasm) oatmeal is yummy, though…as long as its not that gruel type stuff with no flavor. tell me you haven’t oulled out the rice cakes yet…lol

  21. Preston says:

    Mystery Man – Oh yea, diet’s are loads of fun. [wink, wink] I love hot cereals like oatmeal, grits, cream of wheat and maypo. But gruel? Who serves that!? Do I look like Oliver Twist?

  22. Mystery Man says:

    *sings “Food, Glorious, Food” with you* lol actually, i think they served it at some of the kitchens down here after the hurricanes when there was no power. I would imagine its also still served in places that started it in the first place, but I’m noo fond of it, that’s for sure…lol

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