Two Very Different Christmases

On Friday, the news broke that former Tennessee GOP leader Chip Saltsman, who ran Mike Huckabee’s presidential campaign, had distributed a CD to Republican National Committee members for Christmas featuring a song called “Barack the Magic Negro.” Saltsman, who is hoping to become the next RNC Chairman, obviously feels that nothing says Christmas like a racist parody of the president-elect. For more information, check out this newscast:
Now if you are wondering how a gay, liberal, northeastern-residing gay man spent his Christmas, here’s a few pictures:

Heather and Aaron at my Mom’s on Christmas Eve

My Mother holding stockings for Dave & Sissy

Heather and her Pop-pop (He’ll be 93 in February)

Heather & her Hello Kitty pj’s Christmas morning

Me and my new coat. Do you like the Santa hat?

Anywho, folks. This is how the real America spends Christmas…celebrating with family and friends and NOT distributing quasi-racial paraody CD’s. Ho! Ho! Ho!


31 thoughts on “Two Very Different Christmases

  1. Michelle says:

    SNL and get away with making fun of people……Former GOP leaders can not!

    Let me say you were rockin’ the Santa hat! Oh and have you gotten any spam since taking down the Word verification?? 🙂

  2. MakingMoney says:

    That song is with such poor taste, some see it as a joking matter but I see it as going overboard. Very nice family Holiday photos!

  3. Mystery Man says:

    leave it to the Republicans to do something like that. countdown until Jesse Jackson and the other African-American leaders show up on every media outlet they can protesting this thing and calling for a lawsuit!

    Looks like you had a good Xmas. Love the coat, may have to come borrow it…lol

    Your Xams is more repsentative of Americans than that disgusting CD, that’s for sure!

  4. WheresMyAngels says:

    That is nuts! I don’t understand how these people aren’t smart enough to know it is going to come back to bite them.

    And Preston, you got to make the red part of the hat show over the white part. It’s got to pop up some. This is what my 4 year old is telling me to say. She said that is how Santa’s goes.

    Glad you had a good one, loved the photo’s.

  5. Preston says:

    Michelle – Thanks. And it’s just not Christmas if I don’t wear a Santa hat! (and no, I have received no spam since taking down the word verification.)

    Makingmoney – It sure is in poor taste to put it mildly.

    Mystery Man – Yup. Just shows how out of touch Republicans can be. The song is over a year old yet that idiot thought it would be funny to put on a Christmas CD. (And the coat is mine!)

    Kat – I don’t know if they can sue but I bet that they are not happy with the use of their song!

    Wheremyangels – I agree. You’d really think that they’d know better… and tell your four year old that I will make sure I wear the hat properly next year. 🙂

  6. Rachael says:

    I read that story when it broke in the “Washington Post” and I could not believe how tasteless it was. I am an Independent, but see the Republican Party going down a very bad road. They have really become less the party of Lincoln, and more the party of racism, ultra-conservatism, and white, Southern men. I hope they take stock of where they are and make some positive changes for the good of our country and the two party system!

    Love your Christmas photos…lots of happiness and joy all around like Christmas should be 🙂

  7. Keeper of the Skies Wife says:

    Republicans are @^*%$@$ oh, you know!!

    Loving the Hello Kitty PJ’s and yes you look sexy in that Santa hat!!

    Looks like you ALL had a blast.
    Go POP-POP!!! Wow, he looks great!

  8. Preston says:

    Erin, Nick and Merrick – Yup, it was fun! Thanks.

    Rachael – Totally tasteless and it really does say a lot about where the Republican party is headed if they don’t start sorting out their priorities better. And I’m glad you liked my Christmas photos. It was a really nice Christmas.

    Heathersister – I love the new coat, too.

    Keeper of the Skies Wife – Heather adores Hello Kitty and although I wasn’t going for the “sexy santa” look, I’ll take whatever I can get. And Yup, pop-pop’s still hanging in there!

    Rebecca Jo – It’s not Christmas without my Santa hat!!

  9. Jerrie says:

    On a Christmas CD? That is just…nuts!

    Looks like you had a fun Christmas – a real Christmas. You rock the Santa hat!

    Happy End of 2008!

  10. Preston says:

    Jerrie – Yup, on a Christmas CD. Totally inappropriate. And I did have a fun Christmas.

    Linh – My Santa hat sure did rock!

  11. Jaina says:

    Some people just don’t think before they do stupid things. Seriously. But it looks like you had quite a wonderful Christmas. I hope your New Year’s is wonderful too!

  12. Preston says:

    Jaina – I agree but these are people who are supposed to think before they do things. My Christmas was wonderful and I am looking forward to a very nice New Year!

  13. steenky bee says:

    It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I hope your New Years is just as nice. I’ll be back blogging probably Thursday or Friday. I took about a five week hiatus to just check out and clear my head from the internet. Don’t get to excited. I’m back, but I’m not better. If anything, I’m haggared from the holidays. Peace out.

  14. Jan says:

    Maybe that guy was still shell shocked resulting from the election debacle. Can’t still deal with it most likely. But hey, you’ve got the Santa hat, a new coat, and the love of all those you hold dear to your heart. That to me is Christmas. Here’s to a prosperous and happy new year to you and your family. 🙂

  15. Preston says:

    Steenky bee – I did have a wonderful Christmas. And I think everyone deserves a break every now and then. Here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year.

    Jan – Nah, I think he’s like that all the time. And thanks, my Christmas was great, Santa hat and all!

  16. foongpc says:

    Dear Preston,

    As the end of 2008 is drawing near,
    Gone are Santa and his reindeers,
    And we all switch to high gears,
    To celebrate the countdown of the coming year.

    I want to let you know you’re a great blogger,
    You’ve brought me much laughters and tears,
    So much so that I’ve made myself an Entrecarder,
    To drop on you no matter you are far or near.

    So before you get drunk with that last glass of beer,
    Waiting for 2009 to appear,
    Let me wish you now and here,
    A very happy & smashing new year!!

    : )

  17. Preston says:

    Foongpc – Thanks for the cool poem and the new year’s wishes. I wish you the same! Keep up the great work with your blog!

  18. ettarose says:

    Preston, thank you for dropping by my blog. I really hope you come back and leave me some funny do’s and don’ts. I have been looking around and I enjoy your posts. I can’t stand a homophobe and I just see red when I see nasty small minded people say nasty small minded things. Hold your chin high all the time. Happy New Year.

  19. Preston says:

    Queenie Jeannie – I sure did. I hope you did too.

    Ettarose – I was happy to stop by your blog and I’m glad you stopped by here. Thanks for your kind words.

  20. A Free Man says:

    This topic – the ‘real’ America – has been on my mind a lot lately. As an expat, I spend more time than I would like explaining and defending the American psyche. People around the world just see the caricature – like that CNN clip. And Mike Huckabee. And Rick Warren. They don’t get a chance to see the real America – right thinking, tolerant, friendly people.

    Glad that your holidays treated you well!

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