Say Thanks to Our Troops at Christmas Time and All Year Long!

Xerox is sponsoring a website (Let’s Say Thanks) where you can send to our troops personalize printed thank-you postcards that have been drawn by a child.  There are dozens of cards to choose from and it is as easy as 1-2-3.  Simply choose the design you like, personalize it with a message and your name/hometown, and hit the send button.  Xerox does the rest.  It only takes a few moments and it’s TOTALLY FREE!

It doesn’t matter whether you are for or against this war.  What matters is that our troops are overseas and away from their families.  These are brothers and sisters; fathers and mothers; sons and daughters; and friends and neighbors. Even more so, they are our country men and women.  How wonderful it would be for them to receive these great thank you notes, especially during this holiday season.  Take a look at an example:

I know it’s a very bus time of the year what with Christmas shopping, wrapping presents, holiday plans, and the hustle and bustle of the season.  Please take the time out to thank the troops overseas who fight every day to protect these freedoms we often take for granted.  It only takes a moment.  Visit them here.  And please, don’t put this off until later where there’s a chance you’ll forget.  Do it now.  You’ll feel better and you’ll help make someone overseas fill a little better, too!

9 thoughts on “Say Thanks to Our Troops at Christmas Time and All Year Long!

  1. Preston says:

    Erin, Nick and Merrick – I love random coiincidences. (I don’t know how to spell that word. LOL) Anyway, I hope you did one.

    Rebecca – Awesome! What a great thing to get your kids to do.

    Jerrie – Great! I am so glad you sent one. I also hope all my readers do it. (all three of them. LOL)

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