Santa’s Little Helper

I’m laying in bed last night when I hear the “ding” sound my phone makes when it receives a text message. Even though it’s in the living room on the charger, I hear it. So I get up and trudge to my phone. The text message is from my friend, Linda, and this is the picture that was in it.

Her son Zachary had strolled into her bedroom after work last night all dolled up as a Christmas elf. After laughing hysterically, she grabbed her phone, snapped a picture, and, of course, immediately sent it to me. Zach works at Graziano’s, a local bar and restaurant that has been around forever. It seems that a few days ago he was talking to the owner’s wife who was preparing for some event with Santa at the restaurant. She was going to play Mrs. Claus and had just gotten her costume. Zach jokingly said that she should have said something because he wanted to be an elf. Lo and behold he came into work last night and there was an elf costume for him. So folks, be careful what you say or you may end up wearing an elf costume while serving pasta in a restaurant. Don’t you just love the two tone tights?


18 thoughts on “Santa’s Little Helper

  1. Preston says:

    Keeper of the Skies Wife – Yes, I think its hilarious too. Zach’s a good guy though.

    Makingmoney – Yes, I think Zach learned that lesson the hard way.

    Laura – Yes, Zach is a very handsome fellow. I think he sort of looks like George Michael in this picture (from his early days). I’ve known him since he was in his teens and he is one of my closest friend’s son so I try to avoid thinking of him as “eye candy.” LOL

  2. Preston says:

    Cammie – I have not read the Twilight series but you are not the first one to tell me that I should. I’ll have to check it out.

    It’s Daddies. Plural. – Yea, it cracks me up too. It’s even funnier if you knew him.

  3. Rachael says:

    Does that elf make home-visits? Just kidding …I am not a dirty old lady! He is a very cute elf though…can really pull off that costume we11 😉

  4. Preston says:

    Rachael – I think you have to go to the Italian Restaurant he works at to see this elf in action. 🙂

    Mongoliangirl – You had two tone tights in the 80’s? Wow! Any pics?

  5. Noah's Mommy says:

    that is so funny…I wonder if he knows that he is posted on the internet for millions of bloggers to see….I love his facial expression… is I …super elf…

  6. Preston says:

    Noah’s Mommy – Oh, Linda called him as soon as she saw it on my blog. And that is such a perfect description of his expression. LOL

  7. Preston says:

    Dave – You are so right. And yea, that hat is definitely unique.

    Heathersister – He sure is. It’s a great holiday picture!

  8. Preston says:

    Heathersister – I told Linda about the Christmas Card idea and she laughed. I don’t think Zach planned on getting such publicity.

    Wheresmyangels – Make a wish girl cause I see no elf shoes in that pic. LOL

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