My First Offensive, Hate-Filled Homophobic Comments

Yes, folks, it’s finally happened. After 6 wonderful months of blogging, someone has decided to leave me several offensive, homophobic comments. And keeping in the true colors of all bigots, haters, and racists, this sweet blog commenter named Guffer and Anonymous is a no-reply comment blogger who has elected to not publicy share his/her profile. You know the type: If you’re going to say something nasty and hateful, it’s best to do it where no one can figure out who you are. Here it is in all its glory:

Guffer has left a new comment on your post “Who Wouldn’t Want a Fab-U-Lous Make-Over?“:

Preston you little gay fairy. You’re writings have the mark of an autistic downs syndrome sufferer. Why don’t you just fuck off and allow an old woman suffering from parkinson’s to shag you to death

While I was writing this post, I received two more “anonymous” comments. The first just said “faggot” and this was the second one:

Yes, as anyone who is 48 and into Tori Amos and Harry Potter is obviously a lonely homosexual deviant. Now fuck off you rat fanboy and take your queer, useless, talentless blog with you

I didn’t post these last two comments but rather copied them here. Again, we probably have the same homophobic hater who spews his/her hate while hiding behind a computer. Hater person, you obviously don’t have enough strength of character to actually stand behind your words with an accessible blog or email address. My response to you is pretty “straight”-forward. You can kiss my lily white little gay fairy ass for all I care. Your comments will never get posted on my blog again!


49 thoughts on “My First Offensive, Hate-Filled Homophobic Comments

  1. sandy says:

    Amen Preston! Haters suck! It’s so typical that they hide behind an “anonymous” label. If they really believe that strongly then they should “show their face”. I for one adore you and I will keep coming back:)

  2. Sticky (not too) says:

    If you can’t say something nice – shut the hell up and stop reading!

    I am so sorry that there are “people” out there with nothing better to do than spew hate and intolerance.
    I see it everywhere, but I was so surprised to see it here.

    Hate that it happened to you…at least the love you receive here is not anonymous!!

  3. Preston says:

    Sandy – Thanks for your support and yes, they do suck. I had gotten so comfortable with all my blogging friends that I forgot the haters were still out there just waiting for their turn.

    Sticky – I agree. Mr/Ms Anonymous has sent me two comments to this post already, neither of which I posted. The whole hate comment thing surprised me too and I so appreciate all your kind words.

  4. whatigotsofar says:

    Every blogger gets these comments once. I figure it’s just some punk kid looking for something to do in between acts of self-gratification. The only real way to respond is like the way you have chosen to do so.

    I don’t take offense from these morons because they’re morons.

    The offense I take in the comments are from regular commenters who say hurtful things and not in a joking manner. It happens ever so rarely, but it does. Eventually, you’ll write something that truly offends one of your readers and then they’ll fly off the handle.

    It’s the internet, there’s nothing you can do.

  5. kels says:

    Hi! Just came over from SITS!
    I’m sorry you had to get those hateful comments. 😦
    But I hope your day has been fabulous! 🙂

  6. Patty says:

    I would think the petty little people would most likely not like the fact that you don’t give them any publicity. When I received two comments which I’m sure contained adult material, the person also did not have a profile, but the web site name alone sounded like pornography which is ok if you like that sort of thing. I don’t, so I fixed my blog so I can read the comments before I post them. Then they tried leaving messages in my shout box, which I not only deleted, but banned their web site. There’s always someone out there to spoil things for everyone. That’s why our one daughter who is gay DOES NOT have a blog, said she never would have one.

    Well Mr. Lincoln is back in the hospital again. His lung had collapsed on Nov. 25th. First time was in 1981. Anyway he got home on Dec. 2nd. On Dec. 12th same lung collapsed again. He’s now in the hospital again, doctor said he will be home in plenty of time for Christmas. They say when it rains it pours. Merry Christmas and hope you have a fantastic New year.

  7. Linh says:

    Clearly they know what they’ve done is wrong because they have to post it as anonymous. Just think of the many, numerous, positive comments you’ve received though. I think things have come a long way and at least (I like to think) the majority of bloggers out there are a lot more open and accepting of diversity.

  8. Preston says:

    Lidian – Thanks for the hugs, too!

    Whatigotsofar – You’re right though that they are total morons but the spread hate none-the-less. I haven’t had any regular commenters get offended by something I’ve posted, yet. Hopefully, that won’t happen but if it does, c’est la vie!

    Kels – Welcome from SITS. Thanks for your concern and I am sure trying to have a fabulous day.

    Cammie – They piss me off too.

    Erin, nick and merrick – Well said! It’s cowardice to say such things anonymously.

    Old Lady Lincoln – And that’s why I’m not publishing any more comments from this individual. I am so sorry to hear about Mr. Lincoln. Here I am whining about some silly little comment and you are dealing with real issues. I hope he gets better fast!

    Linh – Yes, I have had nothing but kind words from everyone and I really do appreciate each and every one of you. In fact, it’s been so nice that I sort of forgot people like that existed. Unfortunately, they do.

  9. WheresMyAngels says:

    Preston, I find that I just have to laugh at these people whom have so little to do with their time. I mean, really, what kind of people go looking for someone they don’t know, to leave hate messages for? Only someone whom doesn’t have a life. I mean, look, they are also trying to attack people with disabilities, with the use of autistic and down syndrome. So they are also attacking people who might not be able to defend their selves. Now my girls have down syndrome but they totally can defend their selves, lol, but many people can’t. So these trolls go looking for someone they can bad mouth because they have to make their selves feel better.

    This is a mail comment that was left on my You tube account. I don’t even have any video’s on there, but have commented on a few about down syndrome. I’m guessing I have a short bio on there also. This is what some dork left me. I’ve saved it for over a year now, to remind me to pray for the people in their world that need a life! Plus I also laugh at it. They thought they would hurt me, instead I got a kick of their ignorance and misspelling (I think they might spell worst than me.

    “the only thing your children will EVER look forward to in life is chocolate pudding day and an early death.
    Do them a favour and run them a deep bath, put them in the bath then go and have a few drinks at your local bar. When you come back home your problm might disapear if you get my meaning 😉 “

    Hopefully someone will feel some pity for them and give them a job and a life!

  10. Texan Mama @ Who Put Me In Charge says:

    GAH! Sorry that happened. I am a big believer in sharing your opinion in an honest tactful respectful way. If someone disagrees with you, an opposing comment is okay. BUt these people? Just idiots. Obviously not interested in mature thoughtful dialogue. It is totally possible to like someone’s writing while also not agreeing with their lifestyle choices. If that’s the case, this person needs to grow up!

  11. Noah's Mommy says:

    If only they had big enough cajones to say who they are…I tell you what…I’m not sure what rock they crawled out from under…but I have a feeling it has wheels under it….if they have a problem…go get therapy…okay..I’m sharing the love to you…..and you are one of my new fab-u-lic-ious bloggers….really…seriosly….

  12. Shelley says:

    First, I am so sorry that there are haters in this world. They are so full of self hatred I think that feel like they are entitle to spew it on others.
    Second, just let it run off you back. Don’t let them get to you.
    Third, don’t droop to their level by using the “F” word back. Its so unnecessary in any form.

  13. Preston says:

    Wheresmyangels – You are so right that they were an equal opportunity offender. Obviously they don’t have a life to spit out hate at so many different people. It’s totally repulsive. And what a horrible comment that person left you about your children. I can’t imagine anyone ever saying such a thing and yet here it is in print. Your attitude is great–it’s just hard sometimes to maintain that type of attitude.

    Country Wife – Thank you so very much. That’s very sweet of you and you’re faaahb-u-lous too!

    Texan mama – Thanks. You are so right. I have no problem with opposing opinions either. But this was just meant to be mean and hurtful.

    Noah’s Mommy – I agree. It’s very cowardly to say such things anonymously. And I love being fab-u-lic-ious! Thanks for sharing the love!

  14. Heather says:

    Oh Preston, I’m sorry the narrow-minded haters are feeling the need to vent their idiocy on your fantabulous blog. I’ve had my share of hate-filled, nasty comments regarding my kiddo (who has some special needs) and on posts where I’ve talked about adoption (I’m adopted and so is my daughter). At first I got all defensive, then I decided my blog, my world and now I just delete those sorts of things. Some people just need to get a life. Oy.

    I mean, seriously, I have enough drama in my life thanks to living with a five and a half year old diva, I don’t need it on my blog!

  15. Jerrie says:

    Preston, Sorry! That just bites. Some people are just dumb! (My words today are very eloquent.)

    Well I think you are fabulous! 🙂

  16. Preston says:

    Shelley – I believe you are right that these haters are so full of self-hatred that they have to force it on others. In regards to the “F” word, it was in the quote and I thought it would look silly if I deleted it out.

    Heather – You are not the first person to mention that persons of special needs are the target of haters. It is so unfathomable to me that people would be like that. And then attacking you because your adopted. It’s unbelievable. But you’re right. I have enough drama in my life to worry about some self-hating bigot.

    Jerrie – Yes, so eloquently put. And thanks, I think your fabulous too!

  17. WheresMyAngels says:

    Preston, I’ve attacked Heather (above poster) on my blog, hers and others. But she stole my Autographed George Clooney photo. So I think she rightly deserves it 😉

    On all seriousness though, I didn’t realize Heather got them too. SO FAR, I haven’t gotten any on my blog, but I EXPECT too, always have(which is really sad, and I think you knew it would happen too, cause that is just the hate filled world we live in. Where anything different scares people. I have this written on my blog, above where you post comments at “If your a hater, please comment also, so I can aim my frustrations at you not have to PAY for therapy.”

    Because I know sooner or later, someone will come posting something negative about my girls or me for having them.

  18. A Progressive Girl says:

    Hey Preston,

    I know. It is sad and disturbing when the bottom feeders come up and let you know they are still there.

    I cannot imagine what a dreadful existence it must be, to be compelled to spend your time leaving dreck like that on blogs. That is just sad and pathetic in the extreme.

    Fortunately the overall ratio leans more toward better natures.

    : )

  19. mongoliangirl says:

    Oh Preston. Damnit!
    You KNOW I’m on the verge of cussing like an evil sailor and coming up with mean things to do to those people that would make me laugh.
    You also know I respect you enough to not go into detail in your comments section.
    Just know if you need me to shank a ho you can pop an email off to me and it will be done.
    I cannot STAND bigots.

  20. Preston says:

    Wheresmyangels – It depends on whether your photo was of young George Clooney or old George Clooney. 🙂 I initially expected to see some haters but I got comfortable and that’s when they like to attack. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to attack you and your children. That’s just awful.

    Progressive Girl – Thanks for your kind words and you’re right. They are just bottom dwellers who are sad and pathetic and I feel sorry for them. And it’s nice to know that the overall ratio leans toward the better natures.

    Mongoliangirl – I felt the same way but I didn’t want to stoop to his level. I’m glad you got my back though. Thanks. 🙂

  21. Mystery Man says:

    big man who hides behind an “anonymous” tag. Such a shame that there are people like that in this world. Kudos to you for not letting it get to you man. For very bad comment, there are a gazillion good ones..including m,y rambling ones…lol

  22. Laura says:

    Preston, I’m sorry you were subjected to that kind of BS. You handled it well, my friend. By the way, I love your blog – wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  23. Preston says:

    Mystery Man – Yup, it’s easy to spew hate when you can hide behind being anonymous. Thanks for the Kudos!

    Heathersister – Thanks. I’m not going to let it ruin MY Christmas!

    Laoura – Thanks for your kind words and I am so glad you love my blog.

  24. Dave says:

    Man, you know I have your back on this. People like this a-hole really, really make me laugh because they are so got-damn ignorant it’s pitiful. Some people like to drink their own venom–this judgmental prick is one of them. I kind of feel sorry for them for being so inept at judging good character–almost.

    Can you imagine living such a dull life that all you have to do is hide behind the guise of the Internet and leave anonymous comments? I’ve had a few rich comments on both of my blogs including someone remarking on my weight even after losing over 90 lbs. Definitely an Internet Tough Guy, but that’s the reality of being a blogger: you take the good with the bad.

    I don’t have to tell you to keep it going. I know you will 🙂

  25. Preston says:

    Dave – I know you got my back and I appreciate your support. It’s sad that some people have such hatred inside them. What a truly sad and lonely life they must lead. But I won’t lit it get me down. 🙂

  26. Heather says:

    First of all, Where’s My Angels did not ever, ever, ever actually own that pic of Gorgeous George herself. ‘Twas someone else’s and that wonderful blogger found me the most fitting home for it, so it is now mine.

    Secondly, it is a still from “Solaris” (which, apologies to my beloved George, rather stunk) so it isn’t the be-all, end-all picture of George glory. I mean, it can’t touch the overall fantabulousness of my autographed Harry Connick Jr poster from the early 90s in terms of hotness. Seriously.

    BUT it *is* George and it *is* mine. All mine. 😀

    And besides, WMA is a great chick and her attacking me was so NOT what I was talking about. I was referring to the people that have attempted to belittle my daughter on my blog, and who have said horrible, hateful things to me about being an adoptive parent and an adoptee. The levels some people sink to, it’s just amazingly horrible.

  27. Preston says:

    Heather – I’ve never heard of Solaris but I had a BIG crush on curious George when he was on Roseanne…oh yea, I sure did. And it is amazingly horrible, to say the least, that people would say hateful things to you about being adopted and an adoptive parent. I’m still stunned that people would be like that.

  28. Renée aka Mekhismom says:

    Preston I am so sorry to read this. I would say I can’t believe it but I would be lying. People are just so ignorant.

  29. Dina says:

    Was going to add the *perfect* quote, but then thought it might be thought geeky because it’s from the creator of Magic the Gathering. And then, voila! I saw your interests! So turns out it really IS perfect for you 🙂

    Mark Rosewater’s Lesson #1:

    “Judge yourself (and your ideas) by the people that care about you. Don’t give that power to people who are not invested in your well being…”

    (I really LOVE it myself)

  30. Preston says:

    Renee – Thanks for your kind words. And yes, it’s not really a surprise to me. People can be ignorant but I’m glad there’s lots of good, nice people out there, just like you!

    Dina – A MTG fan? I am so excited! Do you live in NJ? Near NJ? Near a train hub? I have no one to play MTG with and probably thousands of cards. (I am such a maniac when it comes to collecting)

    I LOVE THAT QUOTE. Let me repeat that…I LOVE THAT QUOTE. It IS the perfect quote. I may have to replace Mr. Orwell’s quote with this one. Hmmmm…

  31. Keeper of the Skies Wife says:

    Preston~ I am so sorry that those ass holes left such horrible comments! It just infuriates me that some people are just so close minded!!! My brother Herb who was my best friend had people send him mail (he passed in 92′ before e-mails and blogs) putting gay men down. He just brushed it off!!!

  32. Preston says:

    Keeper of the Skies Wife – It infuriates me too but, sad to say, I am use to it. I’ve experienced hate in so many different ways. I was just a little thrown off because I was enjoying a hate-free blogging experience…until now. Sorry to hear about your brother.

    Echidna – Yes, I wish we could banish them all!

    Makingmoney – These people sadly ignorant and don’t worry, I plan to keep on doing what I’m doing!

  33. Tiffany says:

    Oh now I am mad. These haters better back off my boy Preston, or they are in for a serious SITS Attack.

    If you can trace the ip address, I would LOVE to know who these jerks are.

    We love you.

  34. Preston says:

    Tiffany – These haters make me mad too. I have an idea who it is but I think it’s best to let these things die a lonely death. This person sent me several more comments and was aggravated that I wasn’t posting any of them. Then he just stopped. It seems they go away when they can’t draw any attention.

    Rebecca Jo – A life of hatred surely is a sad life…

  35. tamicks says:

    What an asshole. Sorry that this happened to you … don’t worry with these idiots – they’ve got nothing better to do.

  36. Preston says:

    Tamicks – Thanks Tamicks but don’t worry about me. I’m already over it. I’ve decided these people aren’t worth the energy to even think about.

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