I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

Folks, Christmas is less than 3 weeks away!  Can you believe it? Every year it seems to sneak up on me faster and faster.  A friend of mine sent me this internet “Christmas Card” and it is perhaps the cutest, cleverest (is that a word?), e-card if have ever seen. Please check it out:


I know I’m lazy and should post something of substance but it’s the weekend. I’m supposed to be cleaning and I don’t feel like it. The house is a $#!+ hole and I don’t care.  (See Tattooed Minivan Mom, people can use curse words without actually using them.  Don’t you like the way I cleverly disguised the word shit? Oh, shit!)

Happy Holidays!


19 thoughts on “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

  1. Patty says:

    I’ve seen that card before but like it more each time I see it. Very clever. Wish I could think up something clever and make a bundle of money. LOL But don’t we all wish that.

    Like my Mother and I say, the dirt and dust will be here when we’re gone, except someone else will be cleaning it up. LOL I use to think every Friday the house had to be spic and span for the week-end. Same for having it all clean before a family get together. I then learned, wait till Monday or after a family get together and then clean it. Then it looks nice and clean at least till another week-end.

    We’re having really cold weather and some snow with ice under it. Nice day and evening for staying indoors. Now if I could just get that microwave popcorn to jump out of the cupboard and into the microwave I would be all set when I go in to the family room to watch a movie. No, the first stop will be to put on my flannel nightgown with an old shirt over the top. You’ll find as you get older, you are colder, and need to dress accordingly. Of course I will also have socks on with my house slippers. I know, I know, too much information. LOL Have a great Sunday.

  2. Preston says:

    Old Lady Lincoln – I have seen this card before too but I enjoy it every time I see it. And yes, I know about the dirt but it’s more the clutter and piles of stuff I need to really go through that is the biggest pain.

    It’s cold here and it actually snowed tonight in South Jersey with a light coating. Good luck with that popcorn. I have the same problem with bologna and cheese sandwiches. LOL

  3. angie says:

    That card was cute! Bet my nephews would like it, I’ll have to send my sister here. I guess I could send her the link, but speaking of laziness…

  4. TattooedMinivanMom says:

    Nice one Preston. And here I thought this was a family blog. I’m officially offended by your potty mouth. So offended that I’m giving you an award. That’s right. Even though you dodged my last one. Dodge that, b****! 🙂

  5. Mystery Man says:

    lol Love the card. You’re not alone in needng to clean house. You should see mine. you’d think (Hurricane) Gustav came through here again…lol

  6. Erin, Nick and Merrick says:

    Love it!
    That song will forever remind me of the scene in “Home alone” where he is slapping on his after shave ; )

  7. So Not Mom-a-licious says:

    Since I’m on my remote desktop(work), some things I can’t access. So I would love to make a witty comment but I can’t. What should I say instead. Hmmm…
    Shit, I don’t know! heehee (I heart me some TMM!)

  8. Just say Julie says:

    Love that card! Thanks for visiting my blog… it’s fun getting to make new blog friends! Enjoy the snow, it’s been a while since we’ve had a white Christmas here in Austin 😦

  9. Rachael says:

    Great card! I love all those old singers…..Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Doris Day…
    I just watched “White Christmas” last weekend. Now, I have to watch “Meet Me In St. Louis” (love me some Judy), and “Auntie Mame”, because I need a little Christmas!

    Thanks for sharing that bit of Christmas cheer!

  10. mongoliangirl says:

    ha ha ha! Cleverly disguising the word $#!+ !! I never disguise the word shit. Ever. Maybe you and your blue skies will be a good influence on me after all!
    Uh…wait. I think I just typped the word shit. Shit!

  11. Shelley says:

    yesterday was my lazy day. I didn’t do anything at all. I just slept and yelled at my kids alot for whatever reason.
    I think I’m overstressed about Christmas again this year. When will I ever learn.

  12. Preston says:

    Tattooed Minivan Mom – Hey, nothing says family like a few well-placed f-bombs. Part of the downside of being a parent at 19 was that by the time I realized I needed to curb my potty mouth, the damage was already done. The up side was that I was 37 (looked 27) when she was 18 and people often mistook her for my date rather than daughter. And by then I didn’t give a shit about the swearing. Uh and damn you and your awards! LOL

    Mystery Man – Yea. It’s a great card. And I know all about the “hurricane” home decor thing you’ve got going on.

    Erin, Nick and Merrick – I love it too and the way the cartoon sings it. (Great movie reference)

    Janah – Tell your work to get you JAVA! How can you do your job if you can’t access EVERYTHING on the net? Geez, who do you work for, Barbarians?

    Just Say Julie – What the hell are you doing commenting on my blog when you should be out spending that $200 Target Gift card that I SHOULD HAVE WON? It snowed here last night and I’ll keep wishing for a little to find its way to Austin.

    Rachael – Oh yea, I love all the old Christmas songs from yesteryear. Nothing says Christmas quite like Dean Martin singing “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” with the tinkling of the ice from his drink in the background!

    OMIGOD! You made a Judy Garland and Auntie Mame reference. Are you sure you are not a Fag Hag? (Oops I think the PC term for that is Gay Guy Girlfriend) Seriously, I really do love all those old crooners and movies. Glad to share some holiday cheer with you.

    Mongoliangirl – Shit, girl. Are you stealing my shit? What kind of shit is that? (Ok, I think I’ve worn out the “shit” thing) Sorry folks but “poopy” just doesn’t seem to cut it: Poopy, girl. Are you stealing my poopy? What kind of poopy is that? (See what I mean!)

    Shelley – Nothing wrong with occaisionally laying around the house and yelling at the kids for nothing. It keeps them on their toes and gives them something to tell their shrinks when they’re in their twenties. And yes, Christmas can be stressful but it can also be wonderful, esepcially when kids are involved.

  13. Hahn at Home says:

    And, here you just got me in the mood for Christmas musicals – off to watch White Christmas and then Holiday Inn (the much better of the two)

  14. WheresMyAngels says:

    I put stars in my cuss words on her site, since I dont’ fre*king cuss. Okay, that probably isn’t a cuss word, not sure.

  15. Preston says:

    Where’s My Angels – Uh, try using Friggin’ instead of fre*king and neither is a cuss word. They just insinuate cuss words and I guess that’s a tad bit safer. Sort of…

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