$1.85/Gallon for Gas and My Coworkers Nether Regions

Talk about subliminal sex messages or what? Is she putting on lipstick or swallowing the whole damn thing?  And what about the gas attendant with that phallic looking gas pump in his hand? and that “I know what I’m gonna get” smile on his smirky face?

That’s a fairly eye catching headline, wouldn’t you say?  It seems that in the fortys people were turned on by Sex and Oil and now people are turned on by Sex and low gas prices! It’s sorta come full circle.  And I was so thrilled that the Gulf station next to the WaWa had gas for $1.85/gallon Friday.  It’s right around the corner from my house so I flew in there right before coming home from work to fill my tank up.  And do you know what it cost me? Only $23.00 to fill my tank!  Woo-hoo.

Now that I’ve gotten you all worked up, you must vist my friend Erin’s blog, Laughs and Rants from my Inner Child.  Apparently, Erin some unknown individual was trying to entice John her spouse/partner by strolling around the bedroom sans vetements, at least from the waist down.  It’s one of the funniest posts I have read in a long time and I just had to share it with you.  It’s called Let’s Hear It For the Naughty Bits!  And if paying $1.85/gallon doesn’t make you feel naughty, well maybe you should trying doing it sans vetements, but only from the waist down!


17 thoughts on “$1.85/Gallon for Gas and My Coworkers Nether Regions

  1. Maricris Zen Mama says:

    very creative mind! If you were in a Psychiatrist’s office, he probably will diagnose you with a silly mentality! lol! I wish we had that rate for our gas down here. The lowest I’ve seen so far was abt $1.99. Not bad.


  2. Creative Junkie says:

    Sigh. I’m in NY and we’re still paying well over $2 a gallon.

    I don’t know if I’ll ever see anything below that around here in my lifetime, lack of undies notwithstanding.

  3. Preston says:

    Creative Junkie – I never thought I’d see gas below $2 again – heck, I was afraid I wouldn’t see gas below $3, so you never know. (regardless of the lack of undies)

  4. Dave says:

    I’ve been doing something rather unusual for some time now: writing down the cost of gas (per gallon/fillup) with each visit, which is every two weeks since I take the train to work.

    Since June prices have been on a steady decline, from $4.53/gal. to $2.44/gal. at my last fillup on Nov. 7. Prior to that one, I logged a price of $3.19/gal. That’s a drop of .75 a gallon in only a month, and by this Friday you can be sure it will be even less.

    I’m digging this–especially since fillups are every payday (two weeks) and my employer pays for my monthly train pass!

  5. Preston says:

    I’m too lazy to write down what I paid for gas. I don’t write anything done. If it wasn’t for the “Next Oil Change Due” sticker stuck to the front of my windshield, I wouldn’t even know when to change the oil! But you got it made, dude. You only need to fill up once every two weeks and your boss pays for your train pass. I call that E A S Y S T R E E T!

  6. TattooedMinivanMom says:

    What’s a vetement?

    And what’s gas price is $1.85? I don’t understand these numbers. Can’t comprehend.

    Thank you for your comment. It was very sweet and I appreciate it.

  7. Preston says:

    Sans vetement means without clothes in French. I was trying to be clever, with emphasis on the word “trying”. (I don’t know French. I used a French to English translator. So I’m a cheat. Sue me.)

    Anyway, Erin (who blogged about the nether regions) told me she passed a gas station on the way to work that had gas at $1.72 per gallon! Unbelievable.

    And you’re welcome. I meant every word of it.

  8. Mystery Man says:

    i love anything from the 40s. think i maye to snathc that ad for my collection! lol

    $1.85 gas? WTF?!? It’s still above $2 here. You’d think it’d be cheaper becuse of the refinery across town, but noooo. But, I guess it its $1.95 where you are, it’ll be down lik that here soon enough.

  9. The Jillybean says:

    Hey Preston…I tagged you with an award. Ummm yeah. I know. But go get it anyway, cause you do make me smile when I read your posts!

  10. Preston says:

    Mystery Man – I love 30’s – 60’s stuff myself and that is a cool ad. Gas here is now down to $1.72 per gallon. Here’s hoping it keeps droppin’.

    Jillybean – Thanks for the award. I’m glad you make me smile and I will find five worthy recipients!

  11. Dari says:

    I found you through SITS. I love that you can hang with all these ladies! 🙂

    I love the sex and gas comparisons ha ha It is a good reason to get frisky in my book!

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