Obama, Flatulence, and the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Champions

Someone stole my Obama yard sign. I was so excited to get my sign because I live at a relatively busy intersection and I wanted everyone to see it as they drove by. I even took a picture of it and put it on my blog. But some jerk came along in the dark of night and snatched it up. I’ve seen McCain/Palin signs and you don’t see me absconding with them. (Even though I want to run them over with my car) It really aggravates me that it’s gone and not because I paid for it but because it was on my lawn. I owned that sign and it was my property. It’s theft.
On a lighter note, Canadian and American researchers have discovered that Flatulence’s stink may be linked to lower blood pressure. I discovered this when Kim from Trapped in a Comma was telling some of our co-workers about the story and, of course, my name came up. After all, I do have high blood pressure and I have been known to let out a toot every now and then. I was so excited that I made a vow to start lowering my blood pressure as soon as possible. And since I had bean soup for lunch, I figured it would be very soon. Erin from Laughs and Rants from My Inner Child immediately put in a request for a desk change or a gas mask, whichever was easier. As a matter of fact, I’ve lowered my blood pressure at least two points while I was typing this post. As a side note, I feel confident that my dogs will NEVER have high blood pressure.
I saved the best for last and I figured that if there were any SITS out there who were sick of sports, they could stop reading here. THE PHILLIES ARE THE 2008 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!! After what was a very aggravating rain delay, the Phils pulled it out last night and won the game. I was over at Scott and Sean’s house with a bunch of our friends and we all went nuts. We could hear people in the streets honking their horns and since Philly is only 10 minutes away, we could hear the fireworks. We had friends who were actually in Philadelphia for the crazy mayhem party that occurred as soon as the Phils won. The parade starts tomorrow and my boss and some coworkers are going to it. I don’t have any time left so I won’t be going, but I’ll be there in spirit. It’s going to be a party 28 years in the making. As a side note, I actually have a program book from the 1980 Phil’s World Series games. It’s sealed and wrapped up safely in my closet.

26 thoughts on “Obama, Flatulence, and the Philadelphia Phillies 2008 World Series Champions

  1. MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner says:

    Boo to whoever took your sign. BOO. You could do like the lady featured today on MSNBC and just spray paint Obama’s logo on your front lawn (apparently, she has some pretty pesky sticky-fingered neighbors, too). Nobody’s going to run away with your grass, huh?

  2. Theresa Cloyd says:

    I kinda blog hopped my way over here from SITS! The game was AWESOME! Might I say I really enjoyed the MVP’s new ride. I also have to comment that neither my dog or my husband will aparently ever have high blood pressure either. I will have to share this info with him.. or maybe not, that might give him more of an excuse do let loose 😦

  3. Preston says:

    Denene – Boo is right! I don’t think I will go as far as spray painting my lawn but I was thinking about putting up a home made sign with lots of nails sticking out of it…

    Yunia – SITS are always welcome. Thanks for stopping by.

    Theresa – A SITS who thought the game was awesome! How awesome! Hey, when I told my daughter about the flatulence thing, she said it couldn’t be true or I’d have the lowest blood pressure of anyone. What do you think she meant!? (I guess I’m in the same camp as dogs and your hubby)

  4. Dad to Two says:

    That post was very helpful. I immediately let my wife know that what I have been doing all along is simply helping to keep her blood pressure down. Now instead of a big bag of gas, I am a caring and loving husband. Ahhh, life gets better every day.

  5. Mystery Man says:

    dude! someonestole your sign? are mccain people that desperate that they’ll resort to stealing a sign (not like that’s gonna get them any votes).

    Hope you find whoever took it and that they get punished tothe full extent of the law!

    ok…maybe not that far, but I would press charges.

  6. Natural says:

    too funny preston. you toot at work. lol. well maybe i do to, but i make sure i out run it and blame it on the person who finds it. LOL. okay TMI.

  7. Natural says:

    oh yeah, that’s a shame about your sign too. i think some people have been running them over while in their car. this is the most hateful election i have seen in a while.

  8. Preston says:

    Dad to Two – It sure is an amazing world we live in when farting makes you a caring and loving husband!

    Mystery Man – I know it’s just a sign but it sure burnt my butt and I would have loved to have caught the person who stole it.

    Natural – People who say they don’t toot at work are also the ones who claim they never master…er uhm never mind. And I’m with you, this is the most hateful election I’ve ever seen.

  9. Dave says:

    Rare is it for me to talk politics, but…

    This election is turning out to be one of the ugliest I can recall. Effigies for Hallowe’en of the candidates and their veeps? That’s just getting crazy.

    On the stolen sign front, out here in CA it’s not so much the Obama or McCain signs that are being stolen or vandalized; the real ugliness has turned to Proposition 8 (gay marriage). Signs for and against it are being vandalized and people are being prosecuted.

    Either way, this election day we will make history no matter who wins. And I’m voting no on Prop 8, which means I approve of the union of same-sex couples. Let everybody be happy already. Yeesh. Not that marriage is the answer to complete happiness… 😉

  10. Dave says:

    Oh, and as far as the farts go, it’s good to know that I will NEVER have high blood pressure! I’m sure my wife will love me for that. Or not.

    And once again, congrats to the Phils!

  11. Preston says:

    Dave – It sure is one of the ugliest elections that I can remember. I am glad you are voting no to Proposition 8. This country has been built on giving people rights, not denying them. And I think men (and dogs) around the world are thrilled to hear about the blood pressure thing…

  12. Kathy says:

    Stupid sign stealers! Sorry, but at least your Phils won!!! I’ve been watching the better part of 4 hours of the parade broadcast (home from work today!) I’m not even a sports fan, but this win and the fun afterwards is just awesome.

  13. Preston says:

    Kathy – You’re right. They are stupid. I have friends who are in Philadelphia now and got stuck on 12th street. They said it’s wall to wall people and they could barely more forward or backwards. It’s crazy in Philly today.

  14. Matt says:

    Sorry about the sign. Sign stealing is theft, Obama or McCain sign, doesn’t matter. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. If it is on your property, everyone’s grubby hands should stay off!!!

    Why can’t people learn to just voice their opinion and stop trying to drown everyone else’s out.

    BTW, I was pulling for the Phillies in the series. The Reds got crushed early in the season (imagine that). I had to pull for the NL. 🙂

  15. Preston says:

    Matt – I’m so with you there. It’s like everyone thinks that their opinion is the only opinion. And thanks for pulling for the Phillies. Read what I wrote to Kathy (just above you) about how crazy it was in Philly the day of the parade.

  16. Keeper of the Skies Wife says:

    Hi Preston~
    I’ve seen you around and have been over her several times…not sure if I ever commented. Anyhow, someone stole my daughters sign out of their yard as well. They live the corner of a very busy intersection. They were so made they made several of their own….one says….”Women against Sarah Palin” haha

  17. Preston says:

    Keeper – Seems there’s a lot of sign stealing going on this election. Love the homemade sign though. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. -bugsbunny- says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa… i love your pictures.. i love halloween custome party.. whew.. i hope i could celebrate it in next year. ehehheehhe…

  19. Heather says:

    My Obama sign went missing, too, but I replaced it, and was further gratified to see our neighbors across the street put one up the following week as well. (It had different colors so it wasn’t that they just swiped mine for their yard, LOL!)

    Anyhow, I’m originally a Jersey Girl myself, and I’m also a SITSta, just popping in to say hey! 🙂 Cheers!

  20. Preston says:

    Heather – Glad you got a new sign. (I didn’t) Jersey girls are always welcome here. I’m actually a BITS-Brother in the Sauce. Woo-Hoo…and my daughter’s name is Heather, too!

  21. Linh says:

    Oh so YOU are the reason my husband has been trying to lower my blood pressure – loudly and often. Thanks a lot! 😉

    Linh aka Mrs. Dadtotwo

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