Monday Pictures – Pumpkins, Obama, and Dave the Hunter

The Superfresh around the corner from my house had huge pumpkins on sale for $4.99 each. At that price, I picked up one and brought it home to decorate. Heather decided to put it outside until we could decide what to do with it. BIG MISTAKE. Apparently, the squirrels decided that pumpkins make a mighty nice meal. And I wandered why the dogs were freaking out at the window when I couldn’t see anyone walking by. Oh you squirrelly squirrels!

Whe I got home today my Obama Biden sign had finally arrived. I live on a corner property at a fairly busy intersection so I was really excited about putting up this sign. Uh…do you think I need to rake, or what?

Here he is, Dave the stealth hunter. Dave will hunt just about anything. We once had a mouse problem and didn’t know where they were coming from. We finally figured out that they were coming up through the hole that the gas pipe to the stove went through. We fixed the hole but the BIG point is that Dave killed at least a dozen mice before we fixed the problem. That’s right, 13 year old Dave, mouse killer extraordinaire.
But Dave doesn’t just hunt mice, oh no. He hunts cats, squirrels, flies, and the ever elusive falling leaf. In fact, just the other day, he caught and killed a mouse running around the bottom of the steps to the house. And do you see that “I’m mad so I’m not looking at you” face? It’s because as I was returning home from our walk before dinner, Dave had a dead mouse in his mouth. I didn’t even see him catch it. I made him drop it and he was not very happy. Don’t worry, Dave, there’s plenty of mice on the next walk!

9 thoughts on “Monday Pictures – Pumpkins, Obama, and Dave the Hunter

  1. MakingMoney says:

    Hi Preston I know you’re excited that your sign arrived, looks good in your yard 🙂 We just wait till Hollow eve to put out our pumpkins, the squirrels get ours every time and drives our dog crazy as well, lol.

  2. LifetimeMom says:

    Wow, that is a cheap pumpkin! We went to the pumpkin patch and paid $17 for two pumpkins. Add to that another $20 for the hay ride and snacks. It definitely was the most expensive pumpkins we ever paid for. LOL

  3. Mystery Man says:

    squierrels got into my decrations, too. totally sucks! oh well, what can you do. yeah, you need a rake, but don’t we all? lol

  4. steenky bee says:

    So let me get this right. You have a mouse killer dog, you’re an Obama fan and your interests include martinis? I only have one thing to say…..GLAD TO MEET YOU! When can I come over, drink martinis and talk politics?

  5. Live.Love.Eat says:

    Hah. Steenky Bee is funny! Well, I will drink martinis with ya but no talkey politics. Thanks for the blogby!!!!!!!!

  6. Brandy says:

    I’ve got to be honest my first thought was A GUY. Holy crap A GUY in bloggy world.

    Now that I’m over that, I could have used your dogs assistance a couple months back. You should rent him out.

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