We Have a Winner – Tattooed Minivan Mom!

Darth Vader with Betty Davis eyes
That’s right, folks. The contest is officially over. Mrs. Tattooed over at The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mom has won the 1 lb. box of assorted Aunt Selma’s chocolates. This hard-working, hard-playing, hard-masked tattooed minivan mom and SITS member lives somewhere in the USA with her two masked children and her unmasked, rough and tumblin’ hubby.

Never one to miss out on something for free, this gal also knows how to save a buck or two. Just check out her post on how cheap she really is. Her tips on how to save a buck on alcoholic drinks in Vegas are worth the read alone. (Don’t they give you free drinks while you bet?)

Another good post to read is her He Had Me At “Trick Or Treat” post. It’s the sweet and savory story of how she met her man at a Halloween party while she was drinking a 4 pk of Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg Lemonade. Besides, any post with the words “THE ART OF HOT MONKEY SEX” in it will always grab my attention. Come on, just look at those eyes. They just scream, “I’d rather have hot tattooed monkey sex in a minivan but I have kids now so I can’t,” don’t they?

I’ll be picking up the chocolates on Thursday and then whisking them off to you so enjoy them when you get them, tattooed minivan mom. And share a piece or two with your kids. I know Halloween is coming up but they deserve it. After all, you make them wear masks even when it isn’t Halloween!


10 thoughts on “We Have a Winner – Tattooed Minivan Mom!

  1. TattooedMinivanMom says:

    I’m the first comment on a feature about me! Woooo!

    Awwww…thank you Mr. Blue Skies. You have done me proud. I really appreciate the spotlight. I love the way you incorporated the links to my posts in your description of my blog!

    And I will definitely share the chocolates with the whole TMM family. Do you think the chocolates will fit through the mouth holes of our masks?

  2. Tiffany says:

    Preston you are cracking me up.

    I know Tattooed Minivan Mom in real life and now I will never look at her backseat quite the same.

    Let me know when you ship out that chocolate, as I plan on showing up to share.

  3. Preston says:

    Dana: You’ll note the family resemblance as soon as you see the pics.

    Mrs. Tattooed: I’m so happy you won. You’re blog is totally cool. I love Vegas and if by some remote chance we’re there at the same time, I’ll bring the 20 oz coke bottles and rum and we’ll have a drink together.

    Kati: Nothing says lovin’ like hot monkey sex…

    Tiffany: Use the force. It’s the only way to get the chocolates…

  4. Hot Tub Lizzy says:

    I always find the contests AFTER they’re over… and I like chocolate…

    Dang it.

    When I’m president I’m going to have a cabinet Member.. Minister of the Contests, and they are going to be in charge of finding the contests BEFORE they are over.

  5. {ashley b} says:

    dang i missed out on chocolate? well i wanted to stop in and thank you for your comment! i’ll have to keep stopping by.

  6. Dad to Two says:

    Wait, I want a recount! Oh, this isn’t Florida… Nevermind. Now I am going to have to go buy my own chocolate. I bet it doesn’t taste nearly as good as free chocolate.

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