The SITS Photoshop Contest Makes My Chocolate Contest Look Bogus!

Bogus!? Who says “bogus” anymore? What is this, 1991? The last time anyone used “bogus” in a sentence, Keanu Reeves was still driving on a permit. Am I that old? Don’t go there cause it ain’t pretty!

But it’s true! The gals over at The Secret is in the Sauce have a very saucy contest going on where one lucky SITSta (and the inlcudes me, yay!) will win the new Photoshop Elements 7. Now I realize that PE7 won’t taste anywhere near as good as my chocolates will, but I will be able to do things with PE7 long after those chocolates are a distant flush, er uhm, memory away.
So if you are a SITSta and you haven’t entered the contest, click here. You get one entry for signing up and commenting, one entry each day for role call, and 5 entries if you post about the contest and include a link. As of posting time, that gets me 6. If you’re not a SITSta yet, well then you should be. Drop everything and hurry on over to The Secret is in the Sauce.
Trust me, it’s fun to be saucy. Saucy, saucy, saucy, saucy. I just love saying it over and over…(can you tell I’m gay) Now go but remember to come back here and enter my chocolate contest. It’s better than a kick in the pants…

Ethel, I think we should have entered the Photoshop contest instead!


3 thoughts on “The SITS Photoshop Contest Makes My Chocolate Contest Look Bogus!

  1. Maggie says:

    I just responded to you on another blog about your contest. I wanted to post it here to be sure you read it:

    Preston, I entered your contest tonight, and I will say that I missed it the first time because so many people’s contests require me to blog about them to enter, that I kind of glaze over them now because I don’t want my whole blog to end up being about other people’s entrecard contests.

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