The Secret is in the Sauce!


October 16, 2008 by MrBlueSkies

Entrecard beware! I was stumbling around Nanny Goats in Panties blog and I found something better. It’s a blog called The Secret is in the Sauce. So what is it? It’s a blog and blog community where they believe in blog recognition and comment support! How awesome. Everyone can appreciate a little recognition and boy, do I need some comment support. My chocolate Entrecard contest isn’t doing too well right now and I was hoping that would increase my comments. But now SITS is on my side, at least I think they are anyway.

You see, the only problem is that SITS is a community of female bloggers and well, I’m a guy. But I’m a gay guy and we have a “special link” with the opposite sex. Besides, their blog consists of a pink AND leopard print background. I realize that separately pink and leopard prints are not exclusively gay. BUT put them together and I can gaurantee you that every drag queen in America has at least one outfit with that color combination. (Anybody buying this yet?)

So please gals at SITS, let me be one of the girls. I’m practically there already. And gay men are great companions. We know what women like, we love to shop, we can pretend to be a boyfriend when an unwanted advance is made, and we’re good dancers to boot. Hey, I’ll even stoop to bribes. I will include any SITS member in my Entrecard chocolate contest. Just scroll down to my original contest post and leave a comment telling me you are from SITS. One random winner is going to get a one pound box of fabulous chocolates from Aunt Selma’s Candy.

So hit me up SITS members. I promise I can be saucy.


6 thoughts on “The Secret is in the Sauce!

  1. SITS Girls says:

    You are totally saucy.

    And totally welcome to join in the fun.

    Welcome to the SITStahood! (You don’t mind being called a SITSta, do you?)

  2. Heather says:

    Welcome to the SITStahood!

  3. Preston says:

    Thank you Heather and Sits girls. I am proud to be called a SITSta! Woo hoo! And don’t forget to enter the contest for the chocolate.

  4. tamicks says:

    I thought that Entrecard would get me more readers, but apparently, people are only concerned with dropping their cards and making points. Anywhoo … thanks for recommending SITS. It seems like a great site, so I will definitely check it out. And see … they welcomed you with open arms! I hope your contest goes well!

  5. Preston says:

    Thanks Tamicks. I think you’d make a great SITSta!

  6. Heidi says:

    Thanks for soaring by my blog today,Preston! I thought you might be pretty saucy when I saw that a guy commented on my blog. Glad I could meet you through this venue. In my book, you are definitely a SITSta!

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