The Phils Go to the World Series – Holographic Meatloaf Sees Red

The Phil’s are celebratin’ but Dave’s a-cryin’

Yes, fans, the Philadelphia Phillies have beaten the Los Angeles Dodgers in 5 games to advance to the World Series. While I never doubted their success, Dave over at Holographic Meatloaf was certain that the Dodgers were going to stop us in our tracks. As a little side bet, if the Dodgers won, I had to incorporate their logo into my blog title and I had to leave a post at the top of my blog for 30 days stating that the Dodgers were the best baseball team ever and that Holographic Meatloaf was the best blog ever. But if the Dodgers lost, well, does anyone see the Dodger’s logo here? Nope.

I must say that Dave is a really good sport. He actually did a very decent job of incorporating the Phillies’ logo into his blog header. He promises to keep it there for 30 days, except for possibly on Halloween. (Considering how badly the Dodgers lost, I’ll throw him that bone) So go check out his handsome blog and the blog header that has panache! And check out that great post which tells the world just who really is the best baseball team (Phillies) and the best blog ever (Me and the Blue Skies)! Make sure you let him know that you found him through me. I’m sure he’ll love that! Hey Dave! Wanna make a wager on the World Series? Hmmm?


6 thoughts on “The Phils Go to the World Series – Holographic Meatloaf Sees Red

  1. Cat@3KidsandUs says:

    That’s pretty funny. The second my husband saw the Phillies logo on the screen he said, “get that —- off the computer”…Haha..he’s still boiling over the Dodgers loss. Good news for me though, no more sitting through boring Dodgers games.

  2. Preston says:

    Dad To Two: You gotta comment on the original chocolate contest post to be in the running…

    3 kids and us: That is so funny. Maybe your hubby can get together with Dave over at Holographic Meatloaf for a good cry. 🙂 Does this mean you’re saved from watching the World Series? Hmmm…

  3. Dave says:

    Bet on the World Series? I’m not even watching it 😛

    Thanks for the props and the kind words. This gives me time to come up with ideas for holiday banners so it works out all the way around!

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