Shocking News! Clay Aiken is Gay! It’s True! It’s Really, Really True

The world is all abuzz with the stunning news that Clay Aiken has announced that he’s gay! My co-worker Erin Blackwell (from Laughs and Rants From My Inner Child) summed it up best when she expressed her shock to me this morning and exclaimed, “Who’s next? Liberace?” In fact, the whole blogger world is abuzz with this revelation. Check out was Frugal Fag has to say by clicking here. And don’t miss Shoeboxblog’s announcement here. For a more sympathetic announcement, check out a gay dad’s response here.

Regardless I still have to throw the boy some Kudos his way since he decided it would be best to be honest about who he is now that he has a child. Speaking as a gay parent, being open about who you are with your children at a very early age is best for everyone involved. My daughter had no issues about who I was while she was growing up. It was always a part of her life so it was normal to her. And even though she encountered some hostilities from some of the kids at school (and some of the parents, too), she always stood her ground and I believe she’s a better person for it.


One thought on “Shocking News! Clay Aiken is Gay! It’s True! It’s Really, Really True

  1. foongpc says:

    Honestly, who the hell cares? He can be as gay as he wants to be, that’s his business, right? It’s really none of our business. Like Simon Cowell said, “Wow. That’s a shock. It’s like being told Santa Claus isn’t real. Unbelievable.” Haha!

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